Jason Kelce argues in favor of Travis’s popular dancing motion, saying it seemed right

Between fun and philanthropy, Jason Kelce continues to attract attention

ason Kelce defended his viral dance to his brother Travis during his fun chat on his popular podcast “New Heights.” In the lively conversation the former Philadelphia Eagles player shared the details of his eventful week on the coast to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

Jason’s viral dance was a spontaneous and hilarious moment, as only he knows how. His wife Kylie was watching the scene closely, as she knew Kelce could do his thing right then and there, when the song “Scatman” played she started recording it.

Jason kelce and his viral dance

Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie were present at the Eagles Autism Foundation event, where their presence had a strong impact on the fundraising for the foundation. Among other activities, Jason’s viral dance was a sensation.

Just as the well-known song “Scatman” was playing, Jason Kelce was standing a few feet away from his wife Kylie, suddenly starting to spontaneously wave his arms up while staying in place given the limited space on the stage.

During the podcast, Travis asked: “Is that your official Scatman dance?” Jason explained that the dance was spontaneous: “No, it was a new dance for Scatman. It was a natural moment. It just felt like the right thing to do.”

The Foundation held several events in recent days, among the events held were the guest bartending on Ocean Drive on Wednesday and the Beer Bowl at the Seattle City Yacht Club. Together, these events raised nearly $850,000 for the foundation. Jason expressed his amazement at the accomplishment, saying, “Damn, man. It’s pretty incredible. It’s our biggest number by far yet.”

Between the fun and philanthropy Jason Kelce once again demonstrated his charisma to his fans and his unconditional support for the NFL team with which he won Super Bowl LII, the Philadelphia Eagles.

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