Wyatt, the daughter of Jason Kelce, is “doing great” at preschool: “Educators Only Have Positive Evaluations”

Jason shares Wyatt alongside his other two daughters, Elliotte Ray and Bennett Llewellyn, with wife Kylie Kelce

Jason Kelce is opening up about his kids’ experiences in preschool.

On Tuesday’s episode of the New Heights podcast, hosted by the former NFL player, 36, and his brother Travis Kelce, 34, Jason shared an update about his daughters: Wyatt Elizabeth, 4, Elliotte Ray, 3, and Bennett Llewellyn, 1, whom he shares with his wife, Kylie Kelce.



The conversation was sparked by the brothers playing a cartoon depicting Jason getting expelled from preschool for stabbing someone with a spork. Travis also shared a similar story of his own expulsion for throwing a chair at a teacher who asked him to share his checkers.

In response to Travis’s inquiry about how Jason’s kids are doing in school, Jason said, “Wyatt’s doing great,” adding, “The teachers have nothing but rave reviews. She’s really taking after Kylie.”

“Thatta girl,” Travis replied.

“She’s doing great. She loves it. Ellie actually just started preschool. She’s at the same school with Wyatt,” Jason added, explaining how they’re both in the “frogs” age group at the preschool.

Jason Kelce (center) with daughters Wyatt and Elliotte.


During the episode, Jason also shared how fun it is to hear about what his daughters are up to at preschool and how they spend their day. He added how Wyatt already has a crush on a boy at her school.

He said, “I’m not telling you his name, but you can just tell in the way she talks about him. So I’m ready to beat the f— out of him.”

Jason Kelce with his daughters Wyatt (left) and Elliotte.


Later in their conversation, Jason talked about how impressive the teachers at his kids’ school are. He described a recent parent-teacher conference he and Kylie attended and how blown away he was seeing everything the teachers test students for.

“The same teacher that we have for Wyatt and Elliot was also the teacher at that preschool when Kylie was growing up,” he shared. “And you can just tell how amazing she is and just great at her job.”

He continued, “It’s just awesome to see. And I think it’s really cool to hear your kids experiencing things on their own and then come back to share them with you.”

“That’s gotta be fun, man,” Travis added. “Well, shout out to Wyatt for not getting kicked out yet, and Ellie, keep enjoying it, girl.”

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