Why Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce Are Taking a Hiatus From New Heights Podcast

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce revealed they will be taking a break from their New Heights podcast. Here’s when new episodes will release.

Jason and Travis Kelce New Heights podcast

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The Kelces are calling a timeout on their podcast.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce revealed that they are temporarily stepping away from their beloved New Heights show due to the Kansas City Chiefs’ football schedule. But before you worry, they’ve already teased when they’ll be back on the mic.

“All that means to me is we’ve got a nice couple months off from podcasting,” Jason explained during the podcast’s season two finale, released July 3, “because I guess in three weeks’ time, Travis will be in the middle of training camp, and let me tell you, not enough time to do a podcast—especially the best podcast in the world.”

Jason and Travis Kelce

The former Philadelphia Eagles star, who confirmed his retirement from the NFL earlier this year, continued, “He’s going to be busy focusing on football, getting in shape for this upcoming season. So, we’re going to be off for I think two months.”

Travis echoed the sentiments, chiming in, “I’m down to pick it back up once we’re done with training camp.”

While the brothers confirmed they would likely be returning for more New Heights towards the end of August, they certainly sent season two off with a bang.

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