Kendrick Perkins Believes Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James Are Not on Same Page Regarding Team’s Strategies

Kendrick Perkins feels LeBron James and the Lakers are going different directionsKendrick Perkins and LeBron James (Image Source: Getty Images)

LeBron James will return for his 22nd season in the league. After agreeing to a 2-year, $104 million contract, the 39-year-old will create history alongside his son, Bronny James, next season. But does that have anything to do with the Lakers winning a championship? Kendrick Perkins has his doubts.

During a recent episode of “First Take” on ESPN, Perkins discussed the re-signing of LeBron James. Despite his publicized rift with the Lakers forward, Perks did not hesitate to name LeBron the GOAT before highlighting how his and Rob Pelinka’s vision don’t intertwine. “Most importantly..he actually took the max dollars when he gave Rob Pelinka more than enough time to do something. He said he was gonna take a pay cut for Rob Pelinka to go out there and search the market,” the former Celtics‘ player said before mentioning the Lakers’ failure to rope in Klay Thompson.

“To me, this seems like they’re on two different pages,” Perkins continued. “Every single time he steps on the floor, LeBron James is thinking about championships. Rob Pelinka is thinking about the future.”

LeBron James wanted 3 players to join the Lakers, but none of them were roped in by the franchise. Despite LeBron’s desire to take a pay cut, the Lakers failed to pursue a target to improve the existing squad. But now with the improved deal, LeBron is getting called out over it.

LeBron James Called Out Over New Contract

Skip Bayless clarified his feelings on social media after the news of LeBron James’ new contract. According to the Fox analyst, taking a pay cut was never an option for LeBron. Known for his passionate hate for LBJ, Bayless didn’t pass the opportunity to comment on the situation.

“LeBron, naturally, took the max from the Lakers he can make for his age next season – about $52 million. Yet Rich Paul hilariously said LeBron might take $1 mil less so the Lakers can avoid the 2nd apron. That would be the least LeBron could do. But watch, he won’t,” Bayless posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Now with his future tied for at least the 2024/25 season, LeBron’s immediate focus shifts to the upcoming Olympics. And there can be no better way to start the new season with a gold medal around his neck.

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