PHOTO: Bryce James Sparks Internet Frenzy with Recreation of His Dad LeBron James’s Iconic Meme

Bryce recreates LeBron's memeBryce and LeBron James (Image Source: X/Ballislife)

LeBron James and his family have been frequently in the news these days. Both the Lakers star and his eldest son, Bronny’s activities are closely monitored by the fans and news outlets. However, this time, it was the 4-time champion’s youngest son, Bryce James, who caught the attention of the NBA community with his social media post.

Recently, Junior James shared a picture on his Instagram story that created a lot of buzz. In the snap, he was standing in the swimming pool with a wide smile and one hand on his forehead. “Smiling through it all! Can’t believe this is my life,” Bryce’s caption read. The eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that it was the recreation of a 2018 pose posted by LeBron, which turned into a meme.

The post soon went viral on X (FKA Twitter), with pages creating collages featuring the new post alongside LeBron’s. Fans gathered from every corner to leave amusing comments.

“Bro love trolling pops”, wrote a fan.

Another fan jokingly added, “Yeah . He grounded”, when LeBron sees it.

 “LeBron biggest trolls are his wife n kids”, commented another user as the James family often shares hilarious posts on the internet.

One fan commented, “Nailed it”.

While another added, “Both are cute asf”.

LeBron has a strong bond with his sons, who have got his basketball DNA. His firstborn, Bronny, will soon be spotted in the NBA wearing the same jersey as his father. This was a dream of the 20-time All-Star.

Since he decided to continue his journey with the Lakers, there were speculations that Bryce might join him, too, but the latter discarded the idea.

Bryce Doubts Whether He’ll Play With LeBron James in NBA

Recently, during one of his Instagram lives, while Bryce was interacting with his followers, someone asked him whether LeBron would wait to play with him before he retires. Dismissing the idea, the 17-year-old replied, “he’s gonna be 42, bro.”

Bryce has shown signs of talent like his brother and could opt for the same path. Although LeBron doesn’t have much time left on the hardwood, there remains a possibility that the two would share the same stage at one point despite his age.

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