Everyone Is Suspicious After Shaquille O’Neal Spent An Unusual Amount Of Time With The “Hawk Tuah” Girl In Nashville

Photos of Shaquille O'Neal with the Shaquille O’Neal with the “Hawk Tuah” Girl (Photos via @djdiesel/X)

Shaquille O’Neal and the “Hawk Tuah” girl didn’t just meet up this past weekend, they spent some proper time together.

The former NBA center shared photos of himself with the new internet sensation this week, revealing he ran into her in Nashville, Tennessee. The images prompted lots of comments, with Shaq getting accused of shooting his shot.

TMZ has since learned that O’Neal has become an unofficial advisor of sorts as he gave Hailey Welch lots of tips on how to handle her newfound fame.

The Diesel is said to have advised Hailey to get a team to manage her, as she would encounter many people looking to take advantage of her.

According to said publication’s sources, Welch showed Shaq some of the nasty and hateful comments she got after her “Hawk Tuah” moment went viral.  In turn, he told her not to pay attention to her haters as none of them know her.

The “Hawk Tuah” Girl Got To Party With Shaq

The pair also partied together at Jon Bon Jovi’s new spot in Music City.

Hailey had gotten on stage for a performance with Zach Bryan the night before, and once Shaq saw her, he had his team contact her so she could come to his DJ gig at Bon Jovi’s joint.

TMZ claims they spoke for around an hour before the four-time NBA champion brought her up to the DJ booth, prompting lots of excitement from the crowd. It wasn’t all fun, though, as he stepped on her foot at one point.


Shaq is the last person anyone wants stepping on their foot, but the “Hawk Tuah” girl didn’t break any bones.

It’s said she now considers him a friend and someone who has her best interest at heart.

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