Bronny James Sends Message to LeBron James

Former USC basketball guard Bronny James has been in the news a lot recently, as the son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is expected to be selected in this upcoming NBA Draft. While it remains to be seen if the Lakers will select James to pair him with his father, it seems certain at this point that the NBA’s all-time leading scorer will share the court with his son next season, whether as teammates or opponents.

In an Instagram story post on Sunday, Bronny James sent a message to LeBron for Father’s day, sharing a picture of the two playing basketball together:

Former USC guard Bronny James works out with his father, Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James@bronny / Instagram

Bronny James has gone on the record several times saying his focus is not on teaming up with his father next season. While it would be a great experience for both Bronny and LeBron to play together, both seem to understand that the young guard needs to make his own way in the league, whether as teammates or opponents with his father.

It has been reported several places that the Lakers do have interest in drafting James, as his athleticism and defensive upside are said to intrigue the organization. While he would likely spend some time in the G League if drafted by the Lakers, James is the type of prospect that can seemingly make an impact at the NBA level sooner rather than later due to his intangibles.

Having been in the spotlight for most of his young basketball career, Bronny James seems to be handling the pre-draft process very well.

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