Rihanna Suggests She’s Retiring Based on Her Telling Wardrobe




Rihanna is either sending a message or trolling with her fashion choice in the Big Apple … and it’s all about what’s on her shirt.


RiRi hopped out of an SUV in New York City Thursday and walked past photogs in a graphic tee — which has the words “I’m Retired” emblazoned across the front … pretty interesting given that she hasn’t released an album since 2016 and is now a mother of two.




Rihanna’s fans are surely gonna read between the lines here … and she didn’t say much else as she made her way into a building, other than joking with a pap about Ozempic.


There’s another phrase under the “I’m Retired” screen print, but it’s hard to make out exactly what it all says … RiRi seems to be holding her designer handbag over that part of the shirt on purpose.



In other words, it seems pretty clear she knows what she’s doing — and if the upper half of her shirt is any indication … she might just be trying to tell us all something. The question, of course, is … what??? On its face — you could interpret this as … sayonara music biz!


That probably isn’t what’s happening though — especially since Rihanna recently teased new music … promising it’d be well worth the wait. Again … it’s been 8 freaking years now.



Rihanna’s also showing off a new hairstyle — fitting for her new Fenty Hair enterprise — but the shirt choice is probably going to have the internet going wild with speculation.


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