Rihanna revealed that she was forced to become a “bad girl” under pressure from Jay-Z.


Rihanna, the famous pop star, moved to the U.S. from Barbados at the age of 16, hoping to build a music career.

However, the story of her first meeting with Jay-Z, the head of Def Jam Records, was not as smooth as the public often believes.

Instead of a warm welcome, Rihanna has revealed that she was coerced and threatened throughout the process of signing with the company.

According to Rihanna, Jay-Z locked her in his office for over 24 hours and threatened her to sign a contract with Def Jam Records.

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Imprisoned and Life Threatened

She was forced to choose between signing the contract or being thrown out of the window from the 27th floor of the building. These threats paint a vastly different picture from the narrative that Jay-Z was so impressed with her talent that he stayed up late to sign her.

Manipulative Tactics in the Music Industry

Not only was she coerced into signing the contract, but Rihanna also had to wait until 3 a.m. to complete the process without her lawyer present, which is highly unethical in the music industry. This seemed to be a tactic to exhaust and make her more compliant.

Pressure to Transform Her Image

As Rihanna’s career began to flourish, Jay-Z continued to pressure her to change her image to a more sensual one. If she did not comply, her contract would be terminated. The transformation from a “good girl” to a “bad girl” was not Rihanna’s choice but the result of coercion from the company. This strategy prioritized commercial appeal over the artist’s personal integrity.

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Double Standards in the Industry

Rihanna was not the only one facing this pressure. Tiara Marie, another young artist at Def Jam, also faced demands to change her image. When she did not comply, her contract was terminated. Notably, Tiara’s debut album had similar sales to Rihanna’s, but only Tiara faced consequences, highlighting a clear double standard in the treatment of artists.

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Regret and Reflection

Looking back, Rihanna, now a mother, expresses regret over some of the choices she made under pressure. She acknowledges that the things she did in the past were the result of manipulation and threats, largely due to Jay-Z’s influence during her formative career years.

Rihanna’s story is not just a personal accusation but also a testament to the pressures and double standards many young artists face in the harsh music industry.


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