Rihanna Draws Inspiration from Beyoncé’s Supег Bowl Performances for Her Own Halftime Show Preparation

On a recent episode of The Process with Nate Burleson podcast, Rihanna revealed that she found inspiration in Beyoncé’s iconic Supег Bowl Halftime Show performances while getting ready for her own.

Recognizing Beyoncé’s exceptional talent and commanding presence on stage, the 34-year-old Rihanna admitted to studying the performances of the “Cuff It” singer to elevate her own halftime performance.

“Beyoncé is truly extraordinary, operating on a level of her own. I watched her halftime shows several times just to draw inspiration,” Rihanna shared with podcast host Nate Burleson.

Beyoncé’s Supег Bowl appearances have been memorable, such as her solo performance in the Supег Bowl XLVII Halftime Show in 2013 and her collaboration with Bruno Mars and Coldplay in the Supег Bowl 50 Halftime Show in 2016.

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As Rihanna prepares for her own Supег Bowl LVII performance, she faces the challenge of deciding which songs to include in her set. With a career spanning 17 years and numerous hits to consider, Rihanna highlighted the challenge of narrowing down her catalog to just 13 minutes while ensuring a fitting celebration of her music.

Rihanna Admits She Studied Beyoncé's Super Bowl Halftime Performances

“We had to make some tough decisions about which songs to include, given the time constraints. But I believe we’ve crafted a set that honors my journey and resonates with the audience,” Rihanna shared during a press conference. Despite her intense focus on the upcoming performance, Rihanna momentarily forgot about her impending birthday and Valentine’s Day celebrations. However, as a new mother to her 8-month-old son and a returning artist after a seven-year hiatus, Rihanna recognized the significance of her Supег Bowl appearance. “Motherhood has empowered me to take on new challenges and seize opportunities like performing at the Supег Bowl. I need to set an example for my son and show him that anything is possible,” Rihanna expressed.

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