Lil Nas X Wants to Have a Baby With Rihanna…a Song Baby!


Lil Nas X expresses happiness at attending Rihanna’s fashion show. Donatella Versace is praised for her influence on Lil Nas X’s fashion.

Lil Nas X jokes about feeling like a chandelier in his outfit. He expresses gratitude for Donatella’s support and invites.

Lil Nas X playfully discusses his fashion statement on the carpet. He teases about wanting a collaboration with Rihanna.

Lil Nas X sends a message to Rihanna, expressing admiration.

He jokes about having a song baby with Rihanna.

Lil Nas X reflects on the significance of the moment. He reiterates his desire for a collaboration with Rihanna.

Lil Nas X extends love and admiration to Rihanna.

He expresses hope for a future collaboration with her.


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