Asked about her new album, Rihanna gave a response that stunned her fans


Continuously “doing well” in the business sector and busy with her husband and children, perhaps Rihanna did not notice that she had been absent from the music market for so long.

This makes fans wonder if she Are you still interested in music? The truth is that at the present time, people refer to Rihanna as “billionaire” more often than as “singer”.

8 years since the record “Anti”, Rihanna fans are always in a state of “music starvation”.

In her latest interview with a magazine, when asked about her new album, the female singer once again bluntly crushed the audience’s hopes with an answer.

That couldn’t have been more “grim” than: “There isn’t one yet.” any song”.

Specifically, Rihanna said: “I have a lot of visual ideas. This is quite strange. My brain is working backwards right now.

Normally, I will prepare the music first and the music will help me.” creating images. However, even though I now have all the visual ideas in my head, there are still no songs that fit them.

Maybe this is the key. It seems that the visual initiative is taking over. lead me to the songs I need to create.” At this point, it can be understood that the day the audience can enjoy Rihanna’s new album is still very far away.

Rihanna’s most recent album is “Anti”, released in 2016. Despite many speculations and statements from the singer herself about the new product, nothing has come true. In February of this year, her husband, rapper A$AP Rocky, revealed to fans on the street that Rihanna was composing new music. However, according to the latest share, everything is still very vague.

Last August, Rihanna and her husband welcomed their second child. In addition to being a mother, during the 8 years since “Anti”, Rihanna focused on developing her own lingerie product line and cosmetics brand. Most recently, fans heard the voice of the “mother of two” again through the song “Lift Me Up” – soundtrack of the movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”.


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