“Volleyball Dads”- Stephen Curry’s Mom Sonya Curry Reacts to His Partnership With LeBron James for Paris 2024 Olympics

Stephen Curry and LeBron James partnership in Olympic training camp

Everything is going hot in Sin City as the USA Men’s Basketball Team prepares for their Olympic run. The news of LeBron James and Stephen Curry’s teaming up for Team USA has set the internet ablaze with excitement as the Paris 2024 Olympics get near. Their long-awaited homecoming pictures have gone viral, with both die-hard fans and family members praising the union of these two fierce NBA rivals.

Fans have eagerly awaited the chance to see these NBA legends play together, and this Olympic season is making that dream a reality. Despite their rivalry in franchise games, they seemed genuinely happy during their reunion. In light of this touching incident, Steph’s mother, Sonya Curry, couldn’t resist pointing out an adorable similarity between the two.

On Instagram, Sonya shared a sweet comment under a photo of Steph and LeBron at training camp, saying, “Volleyball dads!! I love it.” The image captures both Curry and James in one frame, showcasing Steph’s huge smile even during practice.

Sonya’s remark extends beyond the reality that they are well-known athletes. She sees them as dads who support their daughters’ love for volleyball. These former competitors on the court now cheer on their daughters from the sidelines, even bragging about their skills online.

Stephen Curry and LeBron James’ Memorable Banter Kicks Off Team USA Cam

Last Thursday, players started to arrive in Las Vegas for training. Among all the rosters, the point guard of the Golden State Warriors showed his excitement for his Olympic debut by checking in first. Curry hasn’t competed in the Olympics in almost a decade. Moreover, the Los Angeles Lakers power forward has long desired to play alongside his former rival. Coincidentally, at the age of 39, James has finally achieved his dream as they join forces for Team USA.

After meeting Curry on Friday night before Day 1 of training camp in Las Vegas, a viral video showed James yelling in excitement by saying, “About time! About f–king time.” This Olympic season is distinct from their All-Star teamwork. Here, the game is more intense and the stakes are broader. Given their ages, 36 and 39, respectively, this may be their last opportunity to win the gold medal as a team and cement Team USA’s place in history.

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