VIDEO: LeBron James Gives Brutally Honest Opinion On The Los Angeles Lakers’ 2024 Offseason Moves

LeBron James Gives Honest Opinion on the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers’ summer hasn’t started with as many blockbusters as expected. Aside from signing LeBron James and Max Christie and drafting a few rookies, there were no major free agents. However, despite being the most valuable addition to the Lakers, LeBron doesn’t seem to be sweating at all. During his most recent Olympic camp interview, he spoke frankly about the Lakers’ offseason activities so far.

It is remarkable that he is about to embark on his 22nd NBA season. At the age of 39, he is still determined to win a championship with the Lakers. James seems to be mostly skeptical of the new coaches, particularly J.J. Hickson. However, he was quite complimentary of the Lakers’ new assistant coaches when fielding questions from the media.

The Lakers’ small forward said, “We’re excited to work with JJ and also to work with coach Brooks and coach McMillan as well. Those are great pieces to add to our coaching staff. I’m super excited to work with JJ and to start work in the fall. Throughout the course of the college season Dalton, besides Bronny, was my favorite coach in college basketball.”

He also shared his excitement about playing alongside his son in the NBA for the first time, calling it a dream come true. He acknowledged his son’s potential for growth, saying, “As he continues to grow as a young man, he’s 19 years old and there’s so much room for improvement but I’m looking forward to helping him improve.”

LeBron James Shares His Thoughts on the Lakers’ New Roster

The Los Angeles Lakers offseason wasn’t exactly what fans were hoping for. There aren’t any flashy new players, and things might be a little tense between the team and its supporters. Some fans might worry about the team’s lack of big moves, but James isn’t focusing on the roster changes. Instead, he’s concentrating on his preparation.

Following Saturday’s first Team USA practice, he shared all his expectations for the season, and it’s all about hustle and teamwork. He noted, “My expectations is for us to go to work every day, try to get better every day and push each other every day. Me as the captain, AD as the captain, we gotta hold everybody accountable from a players standpoint. We’re coming in with a new system so we have to learn the system and see what Coach Redick and the rest of the coaching staff want us to do and then go from there.

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