Suns’ Devin Booker Breaks His Silence On Klay Thompson Playing For Dallas Mavericks Next Season

A year ago, one couldn’t have imagined Klay Thompson in a jersey other than the Blue and Yellow. But now the veteran has bid his former franchise, the Warriors, goodbye and will soon share the locker room with the Dallas Mavericks players. As much as it is hard for NBA fans to envision the swingman in entirely different colors, so it is for the Suns’ Devin Booker.

When he was asked by the media about Klay’s new home, the 27-year-old guard said, “It’s gonna take some adjusting. He’s [Klay] one of those players where you can’t imagine him outside of the jersey he was drafted in.”

Booker continued to add, “It’s a new opportunity for him. I’m sure he’s going to take full advantage of it. I’m looking forward to matching up against him in a different jersey, and he’s somebody that I’ve spoke highly about for a very long time.”

Among the many suitors, Klay Thompson, the 4-time champion chose to settle down with the Mavs despite getting financially better opportunities elsewhere. The potential aim for the 34-year-old is to acquire the championship title which seems possible for him with the Dallas duo Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

Though that is supposedly not the reason for his split up with the team, he proved his loyalty to. Now that he will be appearing with a new line up other changes will follow.

Klay Thompson’s Jersey Number in Mavs

From his arrival in the league, Klay Thompson has been a member of the Warriors donning the no. 11 jersey. However, as he decided to move on to the next chapter of his journey with the Western Conference champions, Klay needed a new number to begin with.

Since Irving is the rightful owner of the no. 11 Mavs jersey, Klay will be reportedly settling with no. 31. The jersey has been previously worn by the franchise’s legendary figures, and the All-Star swingman is also expected to leave the same legacy.

Klay Thompson quickly agreed to get on board with the Mavs for a $50 million contract which would to three years. The ex-Warriors man is likely to form the Big 3 along with Doncic and Irving which could result in the success that the Dallas side was hoping to achieve in the 2024 NBA Finals series.

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