Nick Wright Blasts Los Angeles Lakers’ Management for Missing Out on Star Player’s Signings to Other Teams

Nick Wright blasts the LakersNick Wright (Image Source: X/ First Things First)

The LA Lakers are making headlines lately for their controversial offseason choices. First, they brought in an inexperienced JJ Redick as their head coach; then they drafted a not-so-impressive USC guard, Bronny James. On the flip side, they couldn’t acquire the Warriors’ big man, Klay Thompson. The latter disappointed analyst Nick Wright, who lashed out at the franchise’s GM.

After Klay’s confirmation to the Dallas Mavericks, a furious Wright said, “I am BAFFLED at the total inability of Rob Pelinka to get anything done, ever.”

The Lakers had a tight cap space, so they couldn’t afford someone like Klay on their squad. To support the franchise, LeBron James had reportedly accepted a pay cut in his contract so that an elite player like the Warriors’ swingman could be added to the roster. However, the LA side failed to grab the opportunity, and Klay ultimately ended up with the Mavs.

The LA side is trying to rebuild its team so that it can once again claim the championship trophy. LeBron has the same dreams, too, so he is asking the franchise to look for the missing piece. After losing the former Warriors man, the franchise’s eyes are on the Bulls star.

LeBron James Ready to Take Pay Cut to See DeMar DeRozan in Lakers

LeBron James is determined to add another glorious title to his name before calling it quits. However, he knows with the current Lakers team, his dream won’t be fulfilled. Therefore, to achieve the championship ring, LeBron is ready to face a financial loss so the franchise can use it to bring in talented players.

As per ESPN, one such player who might be on the list is Chicago Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan. During his three seasons with Chicago, the swingman showed individual potential, but due to their lackluster performance in the play-ins, they couldn’t get past the Heat.

The Bulls are also fixing their roster, so this could be a chance for the Lakers to put forward their offer and make the best of LeBron’s sacrifice. With DeRozan on the team, the Purple and Gold’s performance at both ends of the court could be what the 20-time All-Star envisions.

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