Kemba Walker On Why He Will Never Gamble With Michael Jordan: “I Can’t Compete With Him”

Kemba Walker shares a humorous story on “7 PM in Brooklyn” about why he would never gamble with Michael Jordan again.

Kemba Walker On Why He Will Never Gamble With Michael Jordan: "I Can’t Compete With Him"

Kemba Walker, who spent the first eight years of his NBA career with the Charlotte Hornets, developed a close relationship with Michael Jordan, the former majority owner of the franchise. During an appearance on the “7 PM in Brooklyn” podcast, Walker shared a story that exemplifies why he would never gamble with Jordan again.

“This was my second year. One thing I learned, I ain’t gambling with him. I ain’t gon lie! He different. I gambled with him when we was in Monaco one time. He too intense! He too intense bro. I’m good.”

“He throwing the money down, I can’t compete with him! And I didn’t even get paid at the time. I’m like, ‘I ain’t got it yet’.”

The incident took place during Walker’s second year in the NBA. He was invited to join Jordan for a gambling session in Monaco, which turned out to be a high-stakes affair. Walker quickly realized that Jordan’s competitive nature extended beyond the basketball court.

Jordan’s intensity and willingness to throw large sums of money on the table were overwhelming for the young player, who had not yet received a significant payday. Walker humorously recalled how he was outmatched by Jordan’s aggressiveness and financial prowess, making it clear that he could not compete with the legendary player’s gambling style.

Walker’s story highlights Jordan’s well-documented competitive spirit, which has been a defining characteristic throughout his life. Known for his intense drive to win, Jordan’s approach to gambling is no different.

His reputation for high-stakes gambling is widely known, with numerous anecdotes illustrating his relentless pursuit of victory in any setting. Whether it’s betting on golf, poker, or other games, Jordan’s desire to win often leads to significant financial wagers.

This competitive edge, while a hallmark of Jordan’s success, can be intimidating for those unprepared for his level of intensity. Walker’s experience in Monaco serves as a humorous yet insightful reminder of Jordan’s dominance, not just in basketball but in any competitive arena he chooses to enter.

Despite the intimidating experience, Walker also acknowledged the valuable lessons he learned from Jordan during his time with the Hornets. Beyond gambling, Jordan’s influence helped shape Walker’s approach to the game and life, instilling a sense of discipline and competitiveness that has benefited him throughout his career.

Jordan’s gambling habits have often been a topic of discussion and speculation. Over the years, stories of his high-stakes bets and competitive nature have added to his legend. Even in a rare 1993 interview, Jordan addressed his gambling, describing it more as a hobby than an addiction, despite the significant sums of money involved.

Kemba Walker’s recollection of gambling with Jordan provides a glimpse into the formidable presence that Jordan maintains off the court.

His story underscores the intensity that Jordan brings to every aspect of his life, reminding us that the competitive fire that fueled his six NBA championships and countless accolades burns just as brightly in other pursuits. For Walker, it was a lesson learned—never gamble with someone who has both the resources and the relentless drive of Michael Jordan.

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