‘Just because they both jump high…’ Isiah Thomas tired of Anthony Edwards–Michael Jordan comparisons

'Just because they both jump high…' Isiah Thomas tired of Anthony Edwards–Michael Jordan comparisons

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards has been generating buzz with his impressive playoff performance, where he has showcased his athleticism, scoring ability, and winning mentality. This has led to comparisons with legendary shooting guards like Dwyane Wade and Michael Jordan, with some have even dubbed him “Jordan 2.0”.

However, Isiah Thomas, a rival of Jordan’s during his playing days, on Sirius XM Radio cautioned against making such comparisons too quickly. Thomas noted that while Anthony Edwards is an excellent perimeter shooter, Michael Jordan was a more dominant driver at the same age. He emphasized that just because both players possess elite athleticism doesn’t mean their games are similar.

They’re excellent athletes in terms of jumping, but in terms of their game, their games aren’t similar to me. Edwards, at this age, is a far better perimeter shooter, but Jordan, at the 22, 23 age, he was a far more better driver getting to the basket and finishing around the rim… And also, I would say Edwards, you know, at this age, you know, he will defer to his teammates a lot more and trust his teammates a lot more than Jordan did in his early stages. Now, that’s not a knock on any one of them, but just because they both jump high doesn’t mean that they’re the same players. Isiah Thomas said on Sirius XM Radio

While it’s exciting to see a young prospect like Edwards taking the league by storm, some argue that comparing him to Michael Jordan in his fourth season is premature. Even the late Kobe Bryant, who was once compared to Jordan, carved out his own unique path and identity as a player. Edwards does share some similarities with Jordan, such as his dunking ability and fadeaway jump shot, but it’s essential to temper expectations and let him develop his own path.

Furthermore, as Charles Barkley too noted, Edwards has only had one good playoff run so far, and it’s crucial to remember that he still has a lot to prove before earning comparisons to all-time greats like Jordan.

Draymond Geen also came after Anthony Edwards for Michael Jordan comparisons

Draymond Green identified Anthony Edwards’ exhaustion and fatigue as a major weakness in the Conference Finals. Edwards had admitted to being tired in a press conference earlier, which Green believed could be used as motivation by the opposing team.

I’m looking for any little edge I can get… watching one of your interviews to get an edge… One thing that can’t come from watching an interview is spot weakness… If I’m the Dallas Mavericks, I’m watching that and I’m like, ‘Oh, they tired’. Get greedy… We’re coming back for blood. Draymond Green said on the Draymond Green Show

Green’s comments come after Edwards stated he was tired following the Game 1 loss. Even Michael Jordan showed vulnerability when he announced his first retirement in 1993, citing mental exhaustion and the loss of his father.

Despite criticism, Green praised Edwards as a “great young leader” and acknowledged his impressive playoff performance. However, Green’s comments, however not the first criticism, serve as a reminder that in professional basketball, any sign of weakness can be exploited by opponents.

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