Juan Toscano-Anderson seeds more doubt on the Anthony Edwards-Michael Jordan conspiracy

Juan Toscano-Anderson has his own idea of the Michael Jordan-Anthony Edwards conspiracy theory

Michael Jordan and Anthony Edwards mashup image

The comparisons between Michael Jordan and Anthony Edwards will not stop, they are even having similar starts of their careers but their alleged secret links haven’t been confirmed thus far. In fact, most authorized voices who have spoken about this are deeming it a conspiracy theiry. They don’t believe Michael Jordan had a son outside of his marriage at the time and Anthony Edwards is that son. Other NBA players have been considered Michael Jordan’s lost son but none of them has been compared as much as Ant-Man. But these comparisons took a new turn as Juan Toscano-Anderson talked about his interactions with Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine.

Juan and Jasmine both attended Marquette and he was recently on the ‘Sloane Knows!’ show to talk about many different aspects of the NBA. When he was asked about Edwards, he shared his story and let the door open for the conspiracy theory to be potentially true. He said: “I knew Michael Jordan’s daughter. She was really good friends with a young lady who played basketball at Marquette and he doesn’t look like them. He looked like Michael a little bit, but he don’t look like the rest of his kids.”

Could Michael Jordan be Anthony Edwards’ lost father?

As far as we know, Anthony Edwards has both of his parents alive and well. He is not Michael Jordan’s lost son despite looking a little like him. However, Juan Toscano-Anderson was asked by Sloane if it’s possible that Edwards could be Mike’s lost son through a different mother. But Toscano was not serious when he said that, he knows Ant has a father and a mother. with these comparisons, there seems to be a specific player that takes up all the attention as ‘the next Michael Jordan’ but pretty much none of them has lived up to the expectations. Let Edwards follow his own path without any of these conspiracies.


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