JJ Redick tells Shaquille O’Neal the NBA was a ‘little watered down’ during Michael Jordan’s prime

JJ Redick tells Shaquille O’Neal the NBA was a ‘little watered down’ during Michael Jordan’s prime

The debates about the GOATs of the game will go on in the NBA forever. However, despite hearing numerous takes almost daily, some opinions especially from the veterans succeed in raising eyebrows. Recently, former NBA player JJ Redick criticized Michael Jordan‘s era of basketball while supporting his podcast partner, LeBron James.

JJ Redick was a guest on Shaquille O’Neal‘s ‘The Big Podcast’ where the duo spoke about the greats of the game. As Shaq did not have a specific name for his vote, Redick, despite refusing to take part in the conversation, leaned towards LeBron James by slamming Michael Jordan‘s era in the league.

Michael Jordan, during his Heyday, six teams were added to the NBA. There were 90 players added to the NBA. Does that not water down?… You’re not telling me that the league for a little bit is gonna be watered down? JJ Redick on The Big Podcast

As the star had issues with MJ’s legacy, Redick sang high praise of King James. The former athlete praised James’ consistency throughout his 21-year career despite never averaging 35 points a season. The Los Angeles Lakers star has been the great of the modern era for a long time now.

However, Jordan’s impact on the game and the NBA as a whole is something that takes place once in a lifetime. Considering all this, Redick’s take received a wide spectrum of reactions, as some agreed with the star while the MJ followers believed that the Bull’s legend would dominate in the modern era as well. It is safe to say that a proper conclusion may not be decided anytime soon.

JJ Redick never hung out with LeBron James before the podcast

The NBA netizens were surprised when James announced the ‘Mind the Game’ podcast with Redick last month. As it was surprising that James would start a podcast in the first place, fans were more confused by his partner. Despite the duo playing against each other for many years, the pair was never seen as friends.

During the podcast, Shaq could not help but ask Redick the reason for the two partnering up for a podcast. Redick revealed that he never had a bond with the 39-year-old but they always had mutual respect.

I’ve never hung out with the guy prior to us doing the podcast. I think part of it for me was tryna create something that is different than most podcasts…and the fact that it was with him. JJ Redick on The Big Podcast

In a short time, the podcast has received a lot of love from the fans as both the hosts have high basketball IQs. James and Redick discuss everything around the game including the past and current. O’Neal also praised the podcast for being interesting and intelligent.

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