‘I seen him airball that free throw!’ – Rookie Brandon Miller takes a jab at NBA’s GOAT Michael Jordan

'I seen him airball that free throw!' – Rookie Brandon Miller takes a jab at NBA’s GOAT Michael Jordan

Brandon Miller , a rookie with the Charlotte Hornets, recently made headlines with his comments about Michael Jordan , the basketball legend and minority owner of the Hornets. During a workout session, Miller witnessed Jordan airballing a free throw, which he found both shocking and amusing. He expressed his disbelief, saying that even at 61, Jordan missing a free throw seemed crazy to him.

Miller’s comments also revealed that Michael Jordan had taunted him about his inability to palm a basketball, which added to the tension. This incident has sparked debate among fans and analysts, with some seeing it as a sign of confidence and competitiveness, while others believe it shows a lack of respect for Jordan’s status and contributions to the game.

He was talking cash money, and I seen him airball that free throw, and it was just up from there. You know, Jordan missing a free throw is crazy. Even at his age, that’s crazy. Jordan missed airballing a free throw? That’s crazy. He’s supposed to start up layups, get warmed up… He kept telling me I couldn’t palm a basketball… But after the workout, I was like, let me just get this picture real quick. I had to get the flick. Brandon Miller said on the Knuckle Heads Podcast.

The Hornets’ future looks promising with Brandon Miller, LaMelo Ball, and Miles Bridges, and new head coach Charles Lee. Miller’s comments may serve as motivation for him to continue developing his game and prove himself as a worthy opponent.

Overall, the incident has added to the complex narrative which surrounded Jordan’s later years in basketball, from his successful playing career to his less successful tenure as the owner of the Hornets. Despite this, the future of the Charlotte Hornets looks bright with their young core and new leadership.

Rookie Brandon Miller’s shocking NBA picks

Brandon Miller made some unexpected choices when playing a game of start-bench-trade on The Knuckleheads Podcast. He chose to start Paul George, bench the late Kobe Bryant, and trade James Harden. He also chose to start Bradley Beal, bench Reggie Miller, and trade Ray Allen.

I’m trading James Harden for sure. Starting PG, then Kobe – off the bench. I’m going to start Brad (Beal), bench Reggie Miller, I’m trading Ray Allen. PG, Bron… New school though? Luka Magic, he gets buckets. I like what Wemby doing this year, throw Wemby in there. B Mill himself. Brandon Miller said on the Knuckleheads Podcast

Miller’s choices surprised the hosts, as he opted for newer players over legends like Kobe and Reggie. He explained his choices, saying he likes what Paul George and Bradley Beal bring to the court.

When asked to name his five favorite players in the NBA from any era, Miller listed Paul George, LeBron JamesLuka DoncicVictor Wembanyama, and himself. He praised Doncic’s scoring ability and Wembanyama’s performance, and confidently included himself in the list.

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