Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing After NBA Superstar Kevin Durant Was Spotted Partying At Drake’s Toronto Mansion

Kevin Durant preferred to avoid the public eye after the Phoenix Suns’ disappointing elimination from the playoffs. However, when the big man was spotted, the NBA community said he was on “the wrong side.”

Recently, Durant made headlines for being present at Canadian rapper Drake’s Toronto mansion. The 35-year-old forward was in his casual shorts and pullover. It looked like he was enjoying himself with a football in one hand and a beverage in another.

While most of the NBA players chose to visit Kendrick Lamar’s show, Durant clearly sided with Drake in the hip-hop duo’s infamous beef. The video soon went viral on social media and the fans didn’t hold back from sharing their views.

“KD always in the wrong side of history”, declared a fan.

While another added, “KD would ride with Drake over Kendrick”. 

“Drake saw Bron jamming out to Kendrick and called KD to join his team” read one of the comments.

A fan, disappointed in Durant, wrote, “Kd I thought u knew better dawg”.

Taking a dig at the allegations surrounding Drake, someone stated, “Bro looks like he’s second guessing accepting Drake’s invitation. He’s trying to make sure there’s no young girls walking around lol.”

“KD always has to be different. Every other person is chilling with Kendrick and KD is living in the Stone Age”, wrote one fan.

Linking Durant with the Raptors, someone said, “KD to Toronto confirmed”.

Durant’s name has come up regarding trade talks as he seemed dissatisfied with his current team. Despite the rumors, there are high chances that the veteran would choose to stay back.

Kevin Durant Potentially to Stay Put in Phoenix

For the past couple of days, there have been speculations about something brewing between Durant and the Suns. But the franchise’s owner, Matt Ishbia confirmed that KD will be staying back.

Taking to X (FKA Twitter), Ishbia stated, “NBA Draft night is the best. Everyone talks about the drama and storylines, some are right and some are just wrong. My turn. Phoenix loves Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant loves Phoenix, and we are competing for a championship this year because we have the team to do it. Gotta love draft night! Go Suns.”

That was certainly a potential indication that Durant will try harder with his newly built trio members, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, to strive for the championship title. However, for now, he will be joining the USA Men’s Basketball Team for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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