Bronny James has one “gene” LeBron James never had that will fuel Lakers success, claims Skip Bayless

Fox Sports host used Bronny to take a shot at LeBron

Skip Bayless is a bigger fan Bronny James than his father

Skip Bayless is a bigger fan Bronny James than his father

LeBron James Jr., known as Bronny James, has succeeded in following his father’s footsteps and joining him on the Los Angeles Lakers.

One common feeling is that Bronny does not deserve a spot on an NBA roster just because he is LeBron James’ son. However, Skip Bayless is one of the few who sees potential in Bronny, because of the one gene his father did not pass down to him.

Why does Skip Bayless hate LeBron James?

The Fox Sports host is a well-known hater of LeBron James. His crucifixion of James on ESPN First Take with Stephen A. Smith after the Miami Heat’s collapse against the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals helped catapult the show, and his career, to new heights. Since then, Bayless has worn his feelings for LeBron on his sleeve like a badge of honor.

One of his main critiques of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer is his reluctance to shoot the ball in clutch situations. According to Bayless, LeBron’s lack of a “killer instinct” will always keep him below Michael Jordan basketball’s GOAT debate.

What did Skip Bayless say about Bronny James?

How does LeBron’s son tie in to all of this? On Thursday, Skip claimed on the Skip Bayless Show: “I’ve always gotten the feeling that Bronny had a bigger clutch gene than [LeBron James] does.”

Bronny must have gotten the “clutch gene” from his mother, Savannah James, because Bayless has never thought the word “clutch” to be a part of Bron’s DNA. Skip’s willingness to overlook Bronny’s struggles in college and the allegations of nepotism to go to bat for the newest Laker made people wonder if it was just a circuitous way to throw more hatred at LeBron James.

“Skip’s new strategy in trying to finally have his existence be acknowledged by LeBron: go after his kid,” one comment on X said about the viral clip.

LeBron’s genes played a big factor in getting Bronny to the NBA without a doubt. Which genes played the biggest role is now up for debate, but Skip Bayless claims to be the foremost scientist on the matter.​

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