WOW…Taylor Swift was stunned by the unexpected reaction from fans at her first concert in Madrid..

Fans left their hearts and souls at the Real Madrid Stadium and Taylor reacted

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for moving masses and pretty much stopping entire cities. But during her stay in Spain, she was the one who experienced an incredibly overwhelming moment during her performance in Spain.

Spanish Swifties spent hours under the Madrid sun waiting to see their idol and made the concert a memorable one and what made it even more incredible is that Taylor Swift had her “I made it” moment during her first concert in the Spanish capital after seeing the reaction of each attendee.


Taylor was completely stunned after more than 70,000 people stood up before her to applaud. The ovation came after the singer finished her “Folklore” Era performance, and was completely left speechless for a few seconds, absorbing such a tremendous display of affection and support in Spain.

After more than 80 concerts around the world, Taylor Swift continues to be amazed by the love she receives in every city she visits, including Madrid. The singer makes each concert memorable and fulfills dreams every time she steps on stage, but also fulfills her own as fans gave their all night after night.

Achieving dreams is no easy task and sometimes it takes years upon years to get where our minds are set. But when the moment of realization comes to clarity it becomes a completely indescribable experience, and Taylor Swift was remembered of such a feeling in Madrid.

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