‘TikTok Dancing In The Back’: Internet Mocks Taylor Swift’s Background Dancers As Concert Clip Goes Viral Online

In the ever-volatile landscape of social media, Taylor Swift finds herself once again at the center of controversy as internet trolls take aim at her backup dancers during one of her Eras Tour concerts.

'TikTok Dancing In The Back': Internet Mocks Taylor Swift's Background Dancers As Concert Clip Goes Viral Online

Internet Mocks Taylor Swift’s ‘TikTok Dancing’ Background Dancers (Getty Images)Taylor Swift may be selling stadiums and lifting local economies with her record-breaking Eras Tour, but the haters will always find a reason to troll her for several vile reasons.

After years of targeting the pop star for her songwriting, not because they believe she lacks talent or is a poor songwriter, but rather because she often writes about her relationships and ex-partners, trolls have now shifted their focus to her backup dancers, offering a new avenue to indirectly express their disdain for Taylor Swift herself.

Haters troll Taylor Swift and her backup dancers after a clip from one of her Eras Tour concerts goes viral 

When Taylor Swift is on stage, she is figuratively but effectively setting the stage on fire with her powerful vocals and eccentric dance moves. The haters however have a problem with it. Not the singing part, but the latter.

Taylor, who is currently in Australia for her Eras Tour last performed in Sydney in front of a sold-out stadium. However, a clip from that same night has been circulating on the internet, with Swift haters directing distasteful and mostly vile comments toward her backup dancers. They question how much they are being paid to perform dance moves that resemble acrobatics.

“TikTok dancing in the back,” an X user wrote in an effort to belittle Taylor Swift’s backup dancers. “Can’t believe people pay money to see this,” another added. Replying to the previous comment, a third one said, “its probably easy AF being her background dancer hold on lmaooo how much they pay.”

Swifties defend Taylor Swift’s case — 

Butting heads with the internet trolls, Swifties known for their dedication towards their idol, made noteworthy points to defend Taylor Swift as well as her backup dancers’ dancing abilities.

Replying to a hater, one Taylor Swift fan said, “She may not be a good dancer, but the disrespect Taylor Swift gets despite all the amazing songs she’s done in nearly two decades is very worrying. How do you disrespect someone that has so much longevity and has evolved so well through the years?”

Another Swiftie provided, “Taylor Swift’s selling point has always been her reliability emphasized through lack of polish in her dancing and vocals. We are never going to get a new pop star who is a strong vocalist AND a strong dancer for a while.”

Another one said, “taylor swift has never put herself out there as some kind of a great dancer or someone that puts together intricate choreography. she literally has music videos that highlight her bad dancing because she’s aware of it lmao. if you’re going to the eras Tour you’re going for her.”

Elsewhere, Taylor Swift made headlines for fulfilling a 9-year-old fan’s wish during the Australia leg of her Eras Tour. While performing in Sydney this past week, Swift presented her coveted 22 hat to Scarlett Oliver, an Australian girl bravely battling cancer.

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