Taylor Swift Feels ‘Anxious’ and ‘Panicked’ Over Travis Kelce’s Distance During European Leg of ‘The Eras Tour,’ Source Alleges

Taylor Swift is ‘anxious’ and ‘panicked’ over Travis Kelce being so far from her during the European leg of ‘The Eras Tour,’ a source alleges.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift continue to make headlines during the NFL offseason in 2024. Swift is busy with her European leg of “The Eras Tour,” and fans attending her concerts hope to catch a glimpse of Kelce. Unfortunately, it seems Swift doesn’t see much of Kelce during the tour. Here’s what a source said about Swift feeling “panicked” over not regularly seeing Kelce while performing.

Taylor Swift allegedly feels ‘very anxious’ over the time spent apart from Travis Kelce during ‘The Eras Tour’

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kept their relationship under the radar in 2023. However, by 2024, they were entirely out in the open. The mega pop star and the NFL tight end seem like the perfect couple. Swift regularly attended Kelce’s games with the Kansas City Chiefs, and Kelce heads to Swift’s concerts whenever possible. Unfortunately, Swift’s European leg of “The Eras Tour” might present challenges in seeing her boyfriend. A source told Life & Style that she feels “very anxious” and “panicked” over having so much distance between them.

“They’re going to be facing their longest time apart,” the source shared. “He’ll make some trips to see her, but she can’t be leaving tour to see him, so she’s got to leave this all up to him, and it’s making her very anxious. Her separation anxiety has kicked in big time, and it’s very worrisome for friends who think it’s a bad sign that she’s so panicked about having to have time apart from him.”

The insider added that Swift wanted Kelce to join her on tour, even “begging” him to do so. However, her friends allegedly wanted her to enjoy touring without him.

“But from her friends’ perspective, she ought to be able to enjoy her own company still,” the source added. “Before he came along, she was so excited about touring, and now it’s like she can’t enjoy it unless he’s with her.”

Travis Kelce allegedly isn’t ready for an engagement, a source claims

While Taylor Swift might want Travis Kelce on tour with her, fans shouldn’t expect Kelce to get down on one knee in 2024. A source told Us Weekly in May 2024 that Kelce isn’t quite ready to get engaged, though he sees a future together.

“Travis has no plans on proposing to Taylor anytime soon,” the source shared. “It’s not even on his radar. Marriage is something he takes very seriously and not something he would ever just jump into without giving it some careful consideration.”

Another source spoke to Us Weekly in January 2024 about the possibility of Kelce and Swift getting engaged by the summer of 2024. “Travis and Taylor have no plans on getting engaged this summer,” the insider noted. “Things between them are going amazing, but they haven’t even been together for a year yet and still have so much to learn about each other.”

The NFL tight end is stepping into the world of acting

Taylor Swift’s fame launched Travis Kelce into the public eye. And he’s ready to step outside of the NFL and try his hand at acting. Ryan Murphy cast Kelce in his new horror series, Grotesquerie. The tight end is hugely excited to branch out. He spoke about the opportunity on his podcast, New Heights.

“Everybody’s just been so helpful in making me feel comfortable and … giving me kinda the direction I need and the coaching I need to portray this part that I’m in,” he said. Kelce added that he “feels like an amateur” in the acting world but “hasn’t gotten fired yet, so we’re doing good.”

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