Taylor Swift “baby bump” video from Eras Tour fuels rumor that she’s pregnant with Travis Kelce’s child,,

Fans are buzzing over the possibility that Taylor Swift might be expecting a child. Swift, who has been dating Travis Kelce for nearly a year, is part of a duo that has captured the attention of both sports and entertainment enthusiasts.


Their relationship has made headlines a few times, especially following their recent secluded trip to Lake Como, Italy. Further fueling speculation, Kelce was recently observed being quite affectionate with Swift at an event where she seemed to have a hickey.

The rumor mill is spinning at full speed now, with a new video circulating online. In it, eagle-eyed users believe they’ve spotted a baby bump on Swift.

Take a look at the video below:

Based on community notes from X, it’s clear that rumors of Taylor Swift’s pregnancy are unfounded. The discussion points to the mons pubis, an area that naturally accumulates fat to safeguard the pubic bone, noting that its appearance is not an indication of pregnancy, exercise routine, or dietary habits.

Meanwhile, Swift’s fans are buzzing with excitement. For more fan reactions, see below.

In related news, there’s an interesting development concerning Travis Kelce’s proposal intentions with Taylor Swift.

Rumors about Taylor Swift’s Relationship Spark Concern

Speculation is rife about Taylor Swift’s romantic life, particularly concerning her and Travis Kelce, despite no confirmation of her being pregnant. Swift, who is currently on her Eras Tour, and Kelce reportedly face concerns about spending significant time apart due to their demanding schedules.

Sources close to the couple shared with Life & Style that the upcoming period might be the longest time they’ve had to spend away from each other. “They’re bracing themselves for the challenge,” the source revealed.

“While Kelce plans to visit Swift during her tour, the logistics mean Swift won’t be able to reciprocate these visits, leaving the effort to maintain their connection predominantly on his shoulders. This situation is reportedly causing Swift considerable anxiety and worry, especially as her separation anxiety escalates, raising concerns among her friends about her well-being during this separation.”

Nonetheless, there seems to be a silver lining as Swift is expected to be able to attend most of Travis Kelce’s games with the Kansas City Chiefs in the next season.

In related news, Patrick Mahomes recently made unexpected comments regarding Kelce and Swift, adding more intrigue to the situation.

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