Patrick Mahomes Is Almost White House Ready With Three Visits in Four Years

 Patrick Mahomes could soon be contemplating a new career as a White House tour guide if the Chiefs continue to win the Super Bowls every year. This was their third Lombardy in five years and like the last two times, they had the privilege to take a trip to the White House. But unlike his teammates who visited for the first time, Mahomes knew his way around.

As per Fox4kc’s Sports Anchor Harold R Kuntz, Patrick Mahomes stated that it was a memorable experience to visit the White House again. However, this time he knew what was in the store for him and the Chiefs, which helped him guide others and make their experience enriching too.

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes Celebrate With Chiefs at White House

Patrick stated that it was great to be out there on the stage and see everything that the building has to offer. He wishes to take this journey again next year. Mahomes said,

“It was cool that you kind of knew what to expect. So you get here, I am showing guys pictures on the wall. I’m showing paintings, some old furniture, everything. I felt I was trying to be a tour guide at some point. So it was cool for that and to be on the stage and just get to look out, you see the Washington Monument and all the other things. It was a cool moment. Hopefully, I get to come back again. I appreciate it every single time.”

Fans loved watching the Chiefs receive the honor of visiting the White House alongside the president. One fan remarked that the whole team looked dapper, while another enjoyed seeing new players experience the White House for the first time.

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes Celebrate With Chiefs at White House

A fan asserted that with President Biden wearing the Chiefs helmet, they are now officially “America’s Team.” Someone quipped that to honor the defending champions, they would watch the Super Bowl again. Others wondered if the team got to eat fast food like McDonald’s. Most fans congratulated Kansas City, calling the moment well-deserved. Fans stated,

Others chimed in and wrote,

Many said,

While everyone had their moments and looked sharp, it was yet again Travis Kelce who stole the show.

Travis Kelce Gets His Moment on The Podium

Travis Kelce finally got the chance to address the country after missing out last year. Kelce sneakily tried to use the microphone last year after distracting Biden. But before he could get a word in, Mahomes restrained him and it became a moment of laughter.

Kansas City Chiefs, Including Harrison Butker, Mark Super Bowl Win at White  House

But this time, it was Biden himself who allowed him to say his piece. Kelce took the opportunity and addressed his fellow Americans but went back to his spot because of fear of getting tased. He said,

 “My fellow Americans. It’s nice to see you all again. I’m not gonna lie, President Biden. They told me if I came up here I would get tased. So I’m gonna go back to my spot.”

Fans loved that Kelce finally got the chance to use the mic and say the words he has been itching to say since last year.

President Joe Biden fell for 'oldest trick in the book' during Kansas City  Chiefs visit - Irish Mirror Online

With an off-season in troubled waters, things seem to be going smoothly for the Chiefs for now. Everyone’s looking sharp in the OTAs and ready to take on another challenging year. But will they be able to make their third consecutive visit to the White House next year?

My fellow Americans': Travis Kelce steps up for brief moment of White House  spotlight

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