Immerse Yourself in a Magical Butterfly Bliss: Patrick Mahomes’ Daughter Hosts Enchanting ‘Tea for Three’ Amidst the Blooming Splendor of Dallas Botanical Garden

Next month, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes will be celebrating their two-year anniversary of making their relationship official.

In just a few short days after the elation that was brought on by Super Bowl LVIII, the Mahomes family is once again celebrating.

Over the weekend, Patrick, a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, celebrated his daughter Sterling Skye’s birthday by throwing her a delightful butterfly tea party.

Patrick Mahomes has thrown an adorable 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡day party for daughter Sterling Skye


The 3-year-old enjoyed tea and cake at the Dallas Botanical Gardens


Brittany Mahomes posted a clip from the party which followed the Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII win

After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a victory over the San Francisco 49ers to the tune of 25-22 in overtime on February 11, Mahomes was awarded his third Super Bowl ring.

In March of 2022, the 28-year-old guy tied the knot with his high school girlfriend Brittany, and the couple now had two children together.

The pair went all out for their daughter’s birthday celebration on February 20, which is Sterling’s third birthday this year.

For a tea party with Sterling’s many pals, the family traveled to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which is located in the state of Texas.

Children who are donning butterfly wings can be seen having a good time on slides and an inflatable bounce house in a video that was uploaded to Instagram by Brittany.

Sterling, who was beaming, sipped from a teacup as she was accompanied by her younger brother Bronze, who was just one year old, for the exciting day out.

In addition to the video, Brittany commented, “Today, we celebrated our Sterling Skye!”

It’s hard for me to think that in just a few days, we will have a child that is three years old!

Once you start having fun, time seems to fly by! We are in love with you, girl.

The adorable video received over 160,000 likes, and fans left comments on it almost immediately after it was uploaded.

Within the context of the interview with Pat McAfee, Patrick Mahomes asserts that “it was a bad angle” and threatens to show “dad bod” once more.

It would appear that she had the most wonderful birthday ever! One person wrote, “Happy third birthday!”

The greetings of New Orleans on your birthday. Another person said that the children are adorable.

“Ster, you are very sweet! A third person remarked, “It is so simple to celebrate her.”

During his third Super Bowl MVP performance, Mahomes threw for 333 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. He also secured the award.

During Brittany’s memorial service for her husband of almost two years, which took place last week in Las Vegas, his entire family was present to pay their respects to him.

According to what she wrote, “He is a true leader and a team player.”

He never stopped asking himself what he could do differently to improve his chances of leading this club to the Super Bowl.

I will always be in awe of you as a person and as a football player since I was able to witness so much things that took place behind the scenes!

You, my friend, are deserving of this!!! You have my undying love, and I will always and forever be proud of you.

Sterling hit the slides and joined her friends on an inflatable castle


Sterling hit the slides and joined her friends on an inflatable castleCredit: Instagram/

Mahomes won his third Super Bowl ring in Las Vegas

Mahomes won his third Super Bowl ring in Las VegasCredit: Getty

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