How Andy Reid’s Brilliant Coaching Alters Patrick Mahomes’ Approach to Football Forever

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected Patrick Mahomes with the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, it was a match made in football heaven. Andy Reid, one of the most innovative offensive minds in the league, would get to mold one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks to enter the NFL in years. Over the past five seasons, Reid and Mahomes have formed one of the most successful coach-quarterback duos in modern NFL history, leading the Chiefs to unprecedented success. At the core of their partnership is Reid’s coaching approach and how it has shaped Mahomes into the dynamic, multi-dimensional quarterback he is today.

One of the first and most important ways Reid has impacted Mahomes is through his offensive scheme and playcalling. Reid is known for running an aggressive version of the West Coast offense, which emphasizes short, quick passes and pre-snap motion to create mismatches. This system provides an ideal framework for Mahomes to operate within while still allowing him flexibility to improvise. The quick passing game plays to Mahomes’ strengths as an accurate thrower who can make plays outside the pocket. It also sets him up for big plays downfield by keeping defenses honest against shorter throws.

Reid’s creative play designs and formations constantly keep opponents on their toes. He utilizes jet sweeps, end-arounds, screens, and other trick plays to catch defenses off guard. His ability to diagnose and attack an opponent’s weaknesses from week to week is second to none. This unpredictable nature of Reid’s playcalling plays right into Mahomes’ strengths. It challenges Mahomes to read defenses pre-snap and make adjustments, while also giving him opportunities to improvise when plays break down. Reid understands Mahomes possesses a rare combination of physical tools, so he encourages him to use his athleticism to extend plays and create off-script.

One hallmark of Reid’s system is how it emphasizes balance. In addition to the quick passing game, Reid dials up a steady dose of runs to set up play-action. This keeps defenses honest and opens up big plays downfield for Mahomes off PA action. It also allows Mahomes to use run-pass options (RPOs) to their full potential. No coach utilizes RPOs more creatively than Reid, putting the ball in Mahomes’ hands to make one-on-one decisions that exploit defenses. All of these elements have combined to form one of the most consistently prolific offenses in the NFL.

In addition to scheme, another area where Reid has profoundly impacted Mahomes is his mental approach to the game. Early in his career, Mahomes possessed the physical tools but still had room to grow mentally in reading defenses and making quick decisions. Reid stressed the importance of processing information rapidly and being decisive with the football. He encouraged Mahomes to trust his first read and not hold onto the ball if it wasn’t there. This emphasis on limiting negative plays like sacks and turnovers through quick decisions has paid major dividends.

While pushing Mahomes to take calculated risks, Reid also stressed protecting the football above all else. Finding the right balance between aggression and avoiding costly mistakes is an ongoing process. But under Reid’s guidance, Mahomes has steadily improved in this area over the years. He makes high-risk, low-percentage throws only when necessary and understands situations where playing it safe is most important. Reid has helped Mahomes develop the proper risk-reward analysis to maximize his potential without jeopardizing wins and losses.

Another area where Reid has left a mark is in cultivating leadership qualities within Mahomes. From day one, Reid stressed the importance of Mahomes emerging as the unquestioned leader of the offense who commands the respect of his teammates. Mahomes has flourished in this role by making others around him better, holding himself and others accountable, and delivering inspiring speeches. His confidence, work ethic, and ability to rally the team in tough situations are all trademarks of the leader Reid envisioned him becoming.

The on-field results of Reid’s coaching speak for themselves. In just five NFL seasons thus far, Mahomes has established himself as not only the face of the Chiefs franchise but arguably the entire league. His statistical production under Reid is unmatched – over 20,000 passing yards, 150+ touchdowns, career passer rating of 108.7. But perhaps most impressive is how Mahomes’ accuracy and efficiency have steadily increased each year.

Reid’s tutelage is evident in how Mahomes scans the field, processes information, and delivers pinpoint throws into tight windows. His completion percentage has risen from 66% as a rookie to over 68% in recent years. Mahomes also turns the ball over less and makes better decisions under pressure. These improvements are a testament to how Reid has refined Mahomes’ mental game.

Of course, team success is the ultimate barometer. And in that regard, Reid and Mahomes have established a dynasty in Kansas City. They have led the Chiefs to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, winning it all in 2020 to deliver the franchise’s first championship in 50 years. Kansas City has also captured four straight AFC West titles and reached the conference championship game three times in the last four seasons. Their partnership has produced possibly the greatest stretch of offensive football in NFL history and cemented the Chiefs as the class of the AFC.

It’s impossible to overstate the impact Andy Reid has had on Patrick Mahomes’ growth and development. By implementing a dynamic scheme, nurturing Mahomes’ mental approach, and instilling leadership qualities, Reid has helped unleash Mahomes’ rare physical talents on a level never seen before. Their partnership has already resulted in unprecedented team success and individual accolades, with no signs of slowing down.

At only 27 years old, Mahomes is still improving under Reid’s tutelage. With nearly a decade left of their partnership, the ceiling seems limitless for how much they can continue to innovate the game. Future opponents will struggle even more to keep up with their offensive creativity. And as long as they stay healthy, Reid and Mahomes have the Chiefs positioned as Super Bowl favorites for the foreseeable future. Their legacy as one of the greatest duos in NFL history is already secure. But they are far from finished adding to it.

In conclusion, Andy Reid’s coaching has been transformative for Patrick Mahomes. Through his innovative schemes, emphasis on mental mastery, and cultivation of leadership, Reid has helped unleash Mahomes’ rare talents in a way no one else could. The result has been the most prolific stretch of offensive football the league has ever seen. As their partnership continues into the future, the Reid-Mahomes legacy in Kansas City is sure to grow even larger.

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