Enjoying precious moments with his 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren, Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany reveals a special day at the Mahomes residence

Sterling Skye had her private gala at the Mahomes home! Patrick and Brittany Mahomes hosted a celebration at their home for the kids, complete with colorful balloons and games. The mother of two posted some glimpses of the Gabby’s Dollhouse-themed celebration on her social media account.

Brittany posted a picture of Sterling on her Instagram Story with the caption, “It’s a [Gabby’s Dollhouse] day at the Mahomes household.” The 3-year-old looked adorable, dressed in a pink tutu and a rabbit ears hairband. Another video showed Sterling in the middle of flying colored balls, skipping and playing around. Mama Mahomes could be heard cheering from behind the camera, “Go sister!

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was also featured in one of the clips. Brittany panned the camera around the room to show the setup while Mahomes lounged on the floor with his 1-year-old Bronze. While the boys had their bonding session aside, Sterling enjoyed with her friends, which didn’t include the main mascot, Gabby!

Brittany posted a video of Sterling in her arms, not impressed with the life-sized version of Gabby dancing nearby. However, things finally worked out in the end as the toddler braved up and approached the mascot, and the two even got a picture together. “Took some time to warm up to [Gabby’s Dollhouse] but we eventually gave a high five and a half hug,” wrote the mother of two.

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The Mahomes leave no stone unturned in giving their kids cute surprises and sharing some glimpses with their fans. It’s not always special celebrations however, but also everyday adorable moments, as was recently shared by Brittany.

Brittany Mahomes shares her kids’ “late night zoomies

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Kids can get hyper-active at any moment of the day, and yesterday the tiny Mahomes got the zoomies late at night. Brittany captured their burst of energy on a video and posted it on her Instagram story, tagging her QB husband. The caption read “Love the late-night zoomies @patrickmahomes” as Sterling and Bronze ran about the room in their white onesies.

In another video, the siblings are banging on the metal lockers and “making music.” Brittany responds encouragingly, “You’re making music? Do it again!” to which Sterling repeats the banging. She is soon joined by Bronze, who seems delighted with the composition!

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Such endearing moments from the family of four melt the collective hearts of the Chiefs Kingdom. Patrick and Brittany Mahomes along with Sterling and Bronze give us the perfect heartwarming moments we need in the offseason.

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