Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are planning a surprise party, but Sterling is terrified of his “guest.”

The Mahomes often throw big events for their kids and June 1 proved to be no exception as their daughter met an idol.

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes spare no expense when it comes to celebrating their children and their life events and they maintained this policy by welcoming a plethora of cartoon characters to their home to treat their kids, although one of them left Sterling-Skye Mahomes afraid.

The event on June 1 was themed around Gabby’s Dollhouse as the young daughter of the couple wore a pink tutu, t-shirt and cat ears in preparation as her mother showed her off on social media, although Bronze Mahomes was nowhere to be spotted.

It turns out that Bronze was actually indoors with his father as they had transformed one of the rooms into a place full of balloons, flowers dress-ups and green carpet to let their children run riot by enjoying the afternoon with all of that space.

The couple had even invited some of the characters from the DreamWorks series to appear, although Sterling-Skye seemed nervous as she tentatively held her friend’s hand when faced with the mascot of the titular character, Gabby.

However, both of her parents are determined and strong people and they pushed the youngster to go on over and start to say hi, before adding on social media that it, “took some time to warm up to @gabbysdollhouse but we eventually gave a high five and half hug.”

After some positive reinforcement from her mother, Sterling-Skye then posed for a photo with the mascot as Brittany Mahomes posted them online for all of her followers, and the world, to see.

As if the day couldn’t get any better for the kid, her parents had even hired an ice cream truck to show up and offer some delicious treats. She chose a snow cone with a rainbow lollipop out of the top, before offering a cheeky smile to the camera.

Play, play, play for the Mahomes family

Their father is a footballer and their grandfather spent over a decade in professional baseball so it’s clear to see that Sterling-Skye and Bronze have a lot of athletic talent in their blood and they had a great time showing it off on May 31.

The pair were gearing up to go to bed but they suddenly found themselves with a second wave of energy as they began running around the home frantically in a pair of onesies as their mother laughed.

Sterling-Skye, aged just three, then began to “make music” by thrashing on the metal lockers in the gym room, before her younger brother followed her lead.

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