Tom Cruise’s daughter refuses to stay in a 10 billion/month villa with her father, what is the reason?

When mentioning the daughter of actor Tom Cruise , the audience will surely immediately think of Suri Cruise – the daughter of the actor and his ex-wife Katie Holmes.

However, Tom also has another daughter that the public rarely pays attention to, which is Isabella Kidman Cruise – the child he adopted from birth.

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Isabella (Bella) is the adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and his second wife Nicole Kidman. After her parents divorced in 2001, she decided to live with her father, which meant joining the Scientologist sect. Unlike Suri, Bella was carefully cared for and raised by Tom Cruise. However, because of the sect’s rules, she was not allowed to meet Nicole Kidman for many years, and could not even invite her mother to the wedding.

The mother-daughter relationship between the actress and her adopted child is increasingly distant and cold because of the prohibition of the Scientologist sect. Even though they are half-sisters, Bella, Connor and Suri have a strong relationship. Katie Holmes considers her husband’s two children as her own children and Bella is also very close to Suri. But after TomKat “went their separate ways”, the small family was once again separated. Since then, neither Tom nor Bella have seen Suri Cruise again.

Isabella did not become an actress to succeed her parents, but lived quietly and pursued her passion for drawing. In 2015, she married businessman Max Parker and moved to the suburbs of London. Neither Nicole nor Tom attended their adopted daughter’s wedding. As for Tom Cruise, the actor received a lot of criticism for not fulfilling his duties as a father and not paying attention to his daughter.

A source said that Tom was absent because he did not want to affect his daughter’s wedding, but this reason could not appease angry public opinion. Many people believe that father and son had conflicts and their relationship was no longer the same as before.

Now, Bella has a happy and comfortable life with her husband. She also did not see her adoptive parents for many years and built her own career. In 2020, Tom offered to welcome his daughter to live together in a luxurious villa with a rental price of 455 thousand dollars/month (more than 10 billion VND). But Bella still refused because she wanted to live simply and peacefully with her husband.

Tom Cruise's daughter refuses to stay in a 10 billion/month villa with her father, what is the reason? - Figure 2

Regarding Tom Cruise, after a hiatus due to Covid-19, he and the Mission: Impossible 7 crew are rushing to perform the remaining scenes. However, a serious incident occurred when the train used for a scene had an accident and crashed into the motorbike-only bridge in Chesterfield, Derbys (UK), causing traffic in this normally crowded area . interrupted for many hours. As a result, a dilapidated train car used for stunts got stuck under the bridge, causing the filming of Mission Impossible 7 to be interrupted once again.

Like many other big Hollywood blockbusters, the movie Mission: Impossible is having a rather difficult journey to reach theaters. Previously, the movie was affected when all of Hollywood suspended production activities in February 2020 (a few days before the movie started filming in Venice), then filming continued to stop again due to the epidemic.

It wasn’t until last fall that the film resumed production, but was postponed again until October when 12 members of the Italian studio tested positive for the virus. In December, audiences were shocked when they saw images and information of Tom Cruise screaming, cursing and threatening to fire some employees who did not comply with physical distancing regulations on set.

Mission Impossible 7 stars Tom Cruise and is a producer. In addition to Tom Cruise, the film also features actors Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Hayley Atwell , Vanessa Kirby… Mission Impossible 7 is expected to hit theaters in September 2022 (instead of May 2022). 2022 as originally planned).

Tom Cruise's daughter refuses to stay in a 10 billion/month villa with her father, what is the reason? - Figure 3

During filming for Mission: Impossible 7, Tom Cruise and co-star Hayley Atwell were repeatedly rumored to be dating. Although the media constantly raised questions, Tom never admitted to dating a beauty 20 years younger than him.

However, recently, The Sun newspaper reported that the co-star couple broke up after 1 year of relationship. A source said: “Tom and Hayley got along really well but when filming ended they decided to go back to being friends. Both of their schedules are busy.” The audience couldn’t help but feel regretful and bored when they saw Tom Cruise break up with his girlfriend for the eternal reason – busy schedule.

Previously, the co-stars were said to have lived together during the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 in the UK. Star newspaper said that Tom was very serious with Hayley and the two lived together during filming. Anonymous sources revealed that the couple had been dating for about 9 months, and Hayley even had the key to the 59-year-old actor’s private house in England. “Tom and Hayley get along very well. They consider each other their life partners and are madly in love,” the source shared with Star magazine

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