Messi’s suspicious decision amid the crisis with Antonela sparked rumors of ‘break-up’

Argentine star Lionel Messi recently made a questionable decision amid rumors of a possible crisis with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo.

Messi's questionable decision amid the crisis with Antonela

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo are considered one of the strongest and most passionate marriages among football stars. Happiness also multiplied for Messi when the star of Inter Miami Club in the American Professional Soccer League (MLS) welcomed three boys in turn: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. Through this, Argentinian star Messi and his beautiful wife Antonela have become the perfect example of unbreakable love in the world of “shoes and shirts”.

Messi and Antonela are rumored to be having a marital crisis

Messi and Antonela are rumored to be having a marital crisis

However, recently, Messi and his wife are facing rumors about the possibility of a crisis between the couple. It all started when a Tiktok user, a psychology expert named Flor Rodriguez, analyzed the lack of connection between Antonela and Messi in public, especially at the 2023 Golden Ball awards ceremony. recently held in Paris, France.

Most recently, Flor continued to provide important information clarifying the risk of a possible crisis between the star who just won his 8th Golden Ball and his wife, who has been together since childhood. Messi’s questionable decision that psychology expert Flor Rodriguez mentioned here is the act of changing his profile picture on Instagram.

”Messi previously had a family photo in his Instagram profile picture and now Messi posted a photo of just himself holding the Golden Ball in his hand. That means Messi wants to occupy a much more prominent position. This is really different from Messi’s personality, a person who always considers family important,” said Flor Rodriguez. “From my experience, it seems like Messi is starting to find his own place.”

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