Denzel Washington’s net assets: how much the oscar winner earns


a famous American actor who is the definition of an A-list actor. Along with starring in critically acclaimed films such as 1992’s Malcolm X , 1999’s The Storm and 2001’s Training Day, when As of this writing, he’s also taken home three Golden Globes (including the 2016 Cecil B. de Mille Award) and has won two Academy Awards . Of course, beyond that, it’s hard to imagine anyone not recognizing the movie star’s good looks that seem to get better with age .

US actor Denzel Washington holds the Oscar after w | clipe de reverie

However, while you may be a fan of watching Washington on screen in any role he takes on (and certainly nails), how much do you really know about him? Are you aware of the fact that you won’t find his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ? Also, you might not know that he refused to kiss Julia Roberts while they worked together. And can you tell your friends that (unsurprisingly) his son has grown up and become gorgeous?

Most of all, you will definitely be curious to know how much money this star has and how much money he brings in every year. Spoiler: That’s a lot! Read on to find out how much it costs.

Denzel Washington is a millionaire whose movies have earned billions of dollars

When Denzel Washington was nominated for Best Actor at the 2017 Academy Awards for his role in Fences , he was that year’s ‘highest-paid Oscar nominee’, according to Forbes . While ‘[h]is movie has grossed more than $3.7 billion at the global box office, ‘individual stars’ have earned more than $290 million since [the] first predict his income in 2003…’

Denzel Washington - Nam diễn viên da màu duy nhất giành 2 tượng vàng Oscar - Tạp chí Đẹp

Having the kind of star power that helps movies make that much money means that Washington himself is a valuable asset to any project. That’s why he gets paid what he’s worth. Forbes explains that ‘[w]hen the leads’ salaries – about $20 million a movie for Washington – for movies dating back to the ’90s are considered, the payday for Washington’s career is now perhaps more than you can imagine.

Indeed, Celebrity Net Worth notes that Washington could bring in between $60 million and $80 million per year. We know, it’s hard to wrap your head around it because it’s so much, so let us remind you again: He can bring in a whopping $80 million each and every year! That’s certainly how he built his impressive $250 million fortune.

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