A lifelong letter from Clown King Charles to his daughter: “I spent 40 years of my life entertaining people, but honey, I cry more than they laugh.”

The content of the letter was then passed down through generations because it contained extremely meaningful values ​​in life.

Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) was an English comedian, one of the biggest stars of the 20th century silent film era. He was known to Vietnamese audiences as the legendary Clown King Charles in the picture. statue of “The Tramp”, a sweet little man with a bowler hat, mustache and cane.

Clown King Charles (1889-1977)

In addition to his illustrious career, Clown King Charles’s personal life is also something that fans are extremely interested in. Charlie Chaplin went through three quick marriages before finding the true companion of his life, Mrs. Oona O’Neill, then only 18 years old. In total, the Clown King had 12 children.

On Christmas Eve 1965, Charlie Chaplin, then 76 years old, decided to write a letter to his daughter Geraldine (19 years old) who was far away from her family because she was busy pursuing her passion for dancing in magnificent Paris. The letter is warm words of love to his daughter from a father who is nearing the end of his life. It is sadness, pride, memory, longing, advice, and ups and downs. and depression in the artist’s life.

Ingeniously encapsulating emotions with a skillful pen, the letter to the Clown King Charles’s daughter became a precious “treasure” that has been preserved to this day, so that people can see a true corner of the story. different from the Clown King when he’s not standing on stage and making the audience laugh.

A lifelong letter from Clown King Charles to his daughter: I spent 40 years of my life entertaining people, but my child, I cry more than they laugh - Photo 2.

Geraldine Chaplin (1944) is the first daughter of Mr. Charlie Chaplin’s 4th wife

Daddy’s girl!

Tonight is Christmas. All the guards have gone on vacation. Comfort your younger brother, younger sister and even your mother who are all peacefully in their dreams. Dad almost woke them up by stepping into this dimly lit room. You are so far away from me, but my dear, you are always present right before my eyes. Your portrait is still here on the table, and here… in my heart.

There, in magnificent Paris, I was dancing on the majestic theater stage of the Elysee Palace. I know that clearly, but sometimes in the quiet of the night, I seem to hear your footsteps, and your eyes are as bright as the stars in the winter night sky.

I heard that you have found a big role for yourself. Beautiful girl and graceful dance moves, my daughter will become a shining star! But in that world, if sometimes you are too overwhelmed by the applause of the audience, the dazzling flash of the stage lights, and your legs are too tired, then my dear, take a seat.

Some dark corner and read this letter, listen to the voice of your heart. Dad is my dad, Charlie Chaplin. Do you know, when you were little, how many nights did I lie beside your pillow, telling you the fairy tale about the sleeping beauty and about the magical dragon? And when sleep closed his old eyes, he smiled and said to her: “Go away, my daughter’s sleep is my dream!”

A lifelong letter from Clown King Charles to his daughter: I spent 40 years of my life entertaining people, but honey, I cry more than they laugh - Photo 3.

I feel your burning dream, Geraldine, and your future too. Dad saw a beautiful girl dancing on stage like a magical thing flying in the sky. Dad also heard the audience talking about his daughter: “Do you see that girl, the daughter of a foolish man, do you remember his name is Charlie?”. Yes, Dad is Charlie, Dad was once a stupid guy. Now it’s your time. Let’s dance and sing loudly. Dad will dance in threadbare, oversized and tattered pants, and you will walk in a gorgeous silk princess dress.

The dance and graceful rotation will make you truly sublime in art, but then when everything ends, you will return to reality. I got to see firsthand the lives of street dancers, who have to go from cold to hunger. Dad is just like them on those magical winter nights, when people have been comforted by the stories he tells and return home and fall asleep, your dad stays awake.

Dad looked at his innocent face, listened to his child’s steady heartbeat and wondered: “Charlie, does this little cat know about me?”. Dad has told me about fairy tales, but he has never told me about his own fairy tale. It is the story of a traveling clown who sings and dances on the streets of London and collects every penny. 

Dad deeply understood what that was. Being homeless means not having a home to return to. Dad went through the pain of walking in the ocean of pride, those times his chest felt like it was about to explode and that pride was hurt badly when they threw alms coins in. father. But no matter what, Dad still survived and gradually forgot that pain.


After my name – Geraldine, is my father’s last name – Chaplin. With this last name, for more than 40 years, Dad has entertained everyone on Earth, but baby, Dad cries more than they laugh. Geraldine, the world you live in is not just about music and dancing, my dear. 

If you leave the splendid hall at midnight, don’t forget the wealthy spectators who bought tickets to see you dance, but also don’t forget to ask the driver to take you home. Ask him if he has a wife, if he lives nearby, if he’s pregnant, and if so, if they have enough money to buy milk and diapers for the baby. Don’t forget to put some money in his pocket!

Occasionally, go somewhere by subway or bus, explore the city on foot, observe people’s lives, adopt poor animals, and help orphans. And my dear, tell yourself, I am like them, one of them. Art will give you wings to fly, but before that it will break your legs. 

And if one day you think that you are above all those in the audience watching you dance, immediately leave the stage and stride down the street in Paris. There, you will see many dancers like yourself, even more beautiful, calm and proud. And your father is someone who understands them very well.

The stage lights probably didn’t have a shadow there. But the halo around them was light from the moon. Take a close look at all of them. Don’t they dance as beautifully as you? Always be honest with yourself, honey, there will always be someone who can dance better than you, more gorgeous than you. 

And remember, your father Charlie was once a poor taxi driver, a homeless man who slept on cold stone benches. One day, Dad will die and I will continue my life. But I want to make sure my daughter understands the fleeting things that are not real in this world.

A lifelong letter from Clown King Charles to his daughter: I spent 40 years of my life entertaining people, but my child, I cry more than they laugh - Photo 5.

Included in this letter, I send you a checkbook so you can spend whatever you want. But when you spend 2 coins, remember to use the 3rd coin to help those who need it. Dad wants to talk about money, fame and fortune because he knows they contain evil power.

Dad spent a lot of time in the circus, but he always worried about the tightrope walkers. But you know, people stumble more in real life than on that risky rope. Maybe, at a ball you are invited to, the light of a certain diamond will dazzle you, at that very moment, you will become an inexperienced tightrope walker, and inexperienced people Experience is always very easy to stumble. Don’t sell your soul and heart for gold, silver, and jewels. Remember, your greatest diamond is the sun. Fortunately, it is radiating warm rays of sunshine into life. And when you love someone, love them with all your heart.

I know that my generation and yours always have confrontations. You should fight with me, with my thoughts, I don’t like children who are too docile. And while my tears haven’t blurred these lines, I wish this year’s Christmas will be a magical night. I want a miracle to happen, and you will understand what I want to tell you.

Daddy Charlie is really old, daughter Geraldine. Sooner or later, instead of the white dress on stage, I will wear a mourning dress to walk to my father’s grave. I don’t want to make you sad, but sometimes you should look in the mirror, you will see an image of me somewhere on your own face. In my veins is my father’s blood. Even when my blood has dried up, I still want you to never forget your father, Charlie. Dad is not an angel, but he has always lived as a human. Try your best, kid.

Love you!

Your father, Charlie Chaplin. December, 1965.

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