Travis Kelce’s Assυraпce: Jasoп Kelce Set to Play iп the NFL Next Seasoп – Team Affiliatioп Still Uпdisclosed

A Kelce brother reunion on the Chiefs is not out of the question

Jason and Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce‘s possible retirement has dominated NFL discussions ever since the Philadelphia Eagles offseason started early due to a surprise playoff loss. It was even a talking point at Super Bowl Opening Night, when Travis Kelce was asked about his brother’s NFL future. His confident response offered hope for Eagles fans, but Kansas City Chiefs fans might see it differently.

Travis Kelce expects to see Jason playing football again

The NFL announced that the Philadelphia Eagles will open the 2024 season with an international game in São Paulo, Brazil against an undetermined team. In Las Vegas on Monday, a reporter asked Travis if Jason would play in that Brazil game.

“I think so,” Travis fired back quickly, before walking back his statement slightly. “I don’t know. I’m not a betting man, but I think he’s got some football left in him.”

Could Jason Kelce join the Chiefs?

Although the initial question was specific to Jason suiting up in Eagles green, Travis’ effort to generalize his answer to Jason having “football left in him” seemed to leave the door open to that being with another team.

Jason is not under contract with the Eagles for the upcoming season, and rumors of a storybook brother reunion on the Chiefs have been floated by imaginative fans.

If Travis knows anything about it, he’s keeping his cards close to his chest. Either way, his statement was a boost to all the fans who want to see Jason Kelce play football again.


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