The Internet is saying MeekMill went on vacation with Diddy this weekend

Meek Mill is now roped into the latest Diddy lawsuit drama — quite salaciously and carelessly, we might add — and yet, he’s taking the bait and publicly responding with a rant about being straight as an arrow.

The Philly rapper’s been on a wild tweet storm since Wednesday in response to a number of users who were posting memes and jokes after Meek was obliquely referenced in Rodney Jones’ suit against Diddy. The docs don’t name Meek, but very clearly allude to him.The lawsuit includes a footnote addressing a redacted name, and it describes the identity of that person as “a Philadelphia Rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.”

Long story short … Rodney alleges Diddy once told him he’d slept with big-time male celebs in the music biz, including Meek.

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Folks online had a field day with this once the docs were published, and Meek ended up going on the attack … firing off several different tweets to deny he’s gay, or that he was involved in any romantic way with Diddy — as it was recklessly suggested in the wild legal claim.

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We’ll let you read Meek’s tweets for yourself — but let’s just say … he goes a little over the top here to hit the point home that he’s not into dudes, and to some, it comes across as a bit homophobic.

Meek uses some fairly graphic and sexual terms to describe how much he’s into women — and while he might think he’s setting the record straight, some are taking his fervent tweetstorm the opposite way.


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He also goes after DJ Akademiks here, who’s the one who highlighted Meek was alluded to in the suit — and the 2 of them have been going back and forth nonstop since yesterday.

In any case, it’s all very icky, which is why it’s strange that Meek is so publicly leaning into it.


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Other famous people have also been referenced in Rodney’s lawsuit — who were not named — and they’ve kept quiet, refusing to give the allegations any oxygen.

Of course, Diddy himself has utterly denied any and all of Rodney’s claims — and some of them, as we’ve pointed out, are already starting to fall apart at the seams.

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