Super Bowl 2024: When Jason Kelce cries out “EAGLES” during Adele’s mid-show big game poll, she quips that he sounds “like a drunk football fan.” Later, Kelce performs “Someone Like You” at the singera’s Las Vegas residency

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce showed off his team pride during an Adele concert in Las Vegas ahead of watching his brother Travis play in Super Bowl LVIII.

Adele is in the middle of doing a Vegas residency at Caesars Palace on the Strip and Kelce went to one of her shows alongside his wife Kylie.


At one point, the British songstress took a poll of the crowd to see if they were there to support the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers.

Video captured one person, supposedly Kelce, shouting out ‘EAGLES!’ which generated a reaction from Adele.

‘What did you say?,’ she asked before commenting, ‘You sound drunk and like a football fan.’

Jason Kelce was seen enjoying an Adele concert with wife Kylie while in Las Vegas

He even shouted out ‘EAGLES’ leading the British songstress to say he sounded ‘drunk’

Jason has been busy all week, with reports saying he was meeting with some TV networks



Later in the evening, Kelce was seen beside Kylie singing along as the UK singer went through a rendition of ‘Someone Like You’.

Jason is in town to support his younger brother as he goes for a third Super Bowl ring of his career.

However, there’s a lack of clarity on what Jason’s future looks like. While reports circulated that he was retiring, the center quickly clarified that he would be the one to announce it.

That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t already been looking at a next chapter. Reports from Front Office Sports indicate the Eagles center has met with Fox and ESPN executives in Vegas to potentially move to the broadcast booth whenever he does decide to hang up the cleats.

The article also states that Amazon, NBC and CBS would pursue Kelce, 36, if and when he commits his future to broadcasting. Kelce appeared on Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football broadcast during the Eagles’ bye week this season. Nonetheless, the discussions with Fox and ESPN were described as a preliminary ‘testing of the water.’

The report from FOS comes not long after The Sun reported that there is already a ‘scramble’ among several broadcasters to win his services, which could reportedly land him about $5million per year.

‘When you see him talking in his podcast, you see someone very good at talking in a microphone and being very straightforward about his opinions,’ a source told The Sun.

‘He has millions of great stories to tell as he has played with many, many players and worked with tons of staff in his long career.’

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