Jason Kelce says Swifties have an ‘unrealistic infatuation’ with Travis Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs…

Jason Kelce Says Taylor Swift Fans Have 'Unrealistic Infatuation' With Travis  Kelce & The Chiefs! - Perez Hilton

Jason Kelce joked that Taylor Swift’s fanbase, the Swifties, “completely f–ked’ the “integrity” of his and his brother Travis’ “New Heights” NFL bracket competition.

Travis, however, claimed the Philadelphia Eagles center manipulated results by involving the Buffalo Bills fans, Bills Mafia.

“I only campaigned for teams that were underrepresented. I just wanted voter turnout,” Jason explained on their podcast Thursday morning.

“The Swifties have this unrealistic infatuation with the Chiefs and Travis Kelce.”

Jason, 36, further explained that Swifties were “only voting based on their love” for Travis and “not on their love for the team name.”

“It’s just ridiculous that you’re throwing everything on the Swities,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said.

jason kelce talking into a mic
Jason Kelce blamed Swifties for throwing the results of his and Travis’ bracket competition.newheightshow/Instagram

travis kelce hugging taylor swift on football field
“The Swifties have this unrealistic infatuation with the Chiefs and Travis Kelce,” Jason claimed on the “New Heights” podcast Thursday.AP

jason kelce hugging travis kelce

The bracket ended with the Eagles losing to the Minnesota Vikings, and once again Jason blamed the Swifties.

“[The Swifties] don’t understand how politics work, so they got really accusational of me manipulating votes, so they voted against me,” Jason admitted.

travis kelce with his arm around taylor swift
The Philadelphia Eagles center is expected to reunite with the “Cruel Summer” singer at the Super Bowl.andrewspruill/Instagram
Little does Jason know that the Swifties are going to come for him now that he’s criticized them, but as long as the “Cruel Summer” star stands by the Kelce brothers’ side, he’ll be fine.

Jason will have a chance to reunite with Swift, 34, at the 2024 Super Bowl this weekend, where she’s expected to support Travis as his team takes on the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas following a performance in Tokyo.

Although it’s unclear where Swift will be sitting during the big game at Allegiant Stadium, Travis and Jason’s mom, Donna Kelce, gave some insight into where the family might be located.

“You can understand that the boxes in Vegas are multimillion dollars, so I have a feeling I’m not in a box,” Donna, 71, said on the “Today” show Wednesday morning.

“I have a feeling I’m in the stands, so far as I know I’m in the stands with everybody else because it is a pricey Super Bowl.”

49ers player Christian McCaffrey’s mother, Lisa, echoed similar sentiments about the cost of luxury suites as this year’s game.

“We looked into a suite and none of us can afford it,” Lisa revealed on her “Your Mom” podcast.

“Not even Christian, money bags over there — nor money bags Olivia [Culpo].”

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