Jason Kelce gets shoutout in the best way from one Swiftie at Paris Era’s Tour show

Ever since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s relationship become public, many fans have started to wear Travis’ Chiefs jersey during the Eras Tour.

But one fan took it to the next level. And paid tribute to another important member of the Kelce family.

Dressed for her Red Era, one Swifite took a photo at the Eras Tour in Paris, France this past weekend, and caught another fan wearing a Jason Kelce Eagles jersey.

So move over Travis, there’s another Kelce in town at the Eras Tour. Now they just need to get Jason to one of the shows.

Jason has been a large figure in the storyline of Swift and Travis’ relationship, all stemming back to when the brothers first talking about it on their podcast.

Travis expressed how he went to Swift’s concert at Arrowhead Stadium, but hoped to meet her and give her a friendship bracelet. After all that, he made the offer that since he went to her concert, she had to see him “rock out” at Arrowhead during the season.

And she did just that.

Fast-forward to the postseason, Swift made an appearance at all the big games, first meeting Jason at the Chiefs-Bills matchup in Buffalo. Jason made a memorable impression, taking off his shirt and chugging a beer alongside Bills Mafia.

The two then got to celebrate the rest of the Chiefs impressive run, going out in Las Vegas after Kansas City defeated the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

But now that Jason’s jerseys have made an appearance at the Eras Tour, Travis has got to find some time to bring his brother along. His dancing is always talked about, so let’s see the moves he has in store during Swift’s show.

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