Jasoп Kelce shares Taylor Swift’s three most strikiпg character traits after their first meetiпg…How Taylor Swift chaпged Jasoп Kelce’s life

Jason Kelce shares Taylor Swift’s three most striking character traits after their first meeting


He finally met his brother’s girlfriend


The Kelces and Taylor Swift.




t long last, Taylor Swift has finally acquainted herself with all members of her boyfriend Travis Kelce‘s family after hanging with Jason Kelce at a Kansas City Chiefs game in January. The singer-songwriter made a huge impression on his parents, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that his brother, Jason, could not help but speak so enthusiastically about her.



Jason and his wife, Kylie Kelce, hung out with the 14-time Grammy winner at the Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills game on January 21.

He stole the headlines for going topless and chugging beers in the stands, but it was also a significant moment for Swift as she met him for the first time.

She has been dating his younger brother Travis, 34, officially since September. And it is clear Swift made quite an impression on Jason, 36, as he heaped praise on the singer.

During an interview with the NFL at Pro Bowl 2024 Sunday, Jason Kelce reflected on the first time her met her and his brother’s new-found happiness after falling head over heels for the ‘Anti-Hero’ singer.

“My brother and his love life is definitely the topic of the NFL right now, and my whole thing with that is as long as Trav is happy and enjoying life, I’m happy and enjoying life,” Kelce said.

“I’ve been fortunate to meet Taylor now. She’s awesome, [a] down-to-earth, genuine person, which has been great to see, whenever you’re seeing anyone of that caliber of stardom still remain as grounded as they are.”

How Taylor Swift changed Jason Kelce’s life

Both of the Kelce brothers are accustomed to being in the public spotlight as veteran NFL players, with Jason spending his entire career with the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis a two-time Super Bowl winner.

But even the center has noticed a change in their lives and how often he features in the press. However, he insisted he is not bothered and hasn’t do anything ‘different’ to what he did previously.

“It’s a little bit more people noticing you, stuff like that, but you try and just act the same and be the same,” he added.

“I know that, obviously, the attention … and media focus is a lot higher, but you try not to change or do anything different.”

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