Footage of Jasoп Kelce at the Pro Bowl Games Briпgs Faпs ‘So Mυch Joy’

If there’s one thing Jason Kelce is good at (football aside, of course), it’s bringing the energy!

The NFL star showed proof of that, once again, in a recent video clip, where he put on a vibrant display of team spirit and camaraderie during the Pro Bowl Games.

The sporting event, which took place on Sunday, Feb. 4, was held in Orlando for the first time in three years, and is held “to celebrate the league’s best players as they compete in a multi-day AFC vs. NFC competition with skills showdowns and a highly anticipated flag football game,” according to the NFL.

In footage from the day, Kelce appears on a platform as his teammates push him toward what looks to be a finish line. The clip was shared to the Reddit account of New Heights, the 36-year-old’s podcast with his brother Travis Kelce, alongside the caption: “Jason brings the world so much joy and it’s absolutely incredible, bringing the Kelce juju at the Pro Bowl Games !!”

In the comment section, fans couldn’t help but agree that it seems the athlete was truly enjoying himself.

“I know he was making fun of the pro bowl on the pod but he honestly looks like he’s having so much fun lol,” one fan wrote, in part, while another dubbed him a “legend.”

“I think he went there with the mindset that he was going to have fun and not do anything that would hurt himself, play with his kids, and go to Disney World. That is what he did,” a third theorized—and they may actually be right on target.

At one point during the event, Jason was showcased on-screen, as an interviewer asked what his favorite memory of this year’s Pro Bowl was. “Definitely taking my daughters to Disney World,” he responded, adding, “It’s been a great week.”

Kelce’s wife Kylie was also in attendance to support the pro footballer, as well and the couple’s three daughters: Bennett, 11 months, Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 4.

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