Following Travis Kelce’s defense of his offseason “dad bod,” Jason Kelce outlines his retirement weight-loss aspirations

Jason Kelce said he’s planning to shed almost 50 pounds after retiring from the NFL.Ouzounova /

Jason Kelce revealed he has some lofty weight-loss goals after retiring from the NFL earlier this year.

During an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday’s episode of the “New Heights” podcast, the former Philadelphia Eagles center, 36, detailed his plan to shed almost 50 pounds.

“I’m in the process right now, I’m retired,” he told the former Governor of California.


“I’m trying to get down to 250-260 [pounds],” he said on the “New Heights” podcast.USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

The retired NFL star said he was 295 pounds throughout his career.AP

“I’ve played my whole career at 295 [pounds]. I’m trying to get down to 250-260. My goal is two pounds every week, lose it, but maintain my muscle mass,” Jason added.

“And I’m trying to monitor my carbs, my proteins and my fats.”

Schwarzenegger suggested that Kelce should “slowly decrease body fat” while “increasing body muscle.”

“My goal is [to lose] two pounds every week,” he said.USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

Travis Kelce revealed his brother has seemingly gone vegan.USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

Elsewhere in the episode, Travis Kelce revealed his big brother had been trying his hand at veganism.

“Jason does a lot of erm, what is it, you’re vegan?” the Kansas City Chiefs star, 34, said.

“Jason’s real vegan. I always was out on vegan. I tried it one week and couldn’t do it. I needed way more protein than beans.”

“Jason’s real vegan,” he said.Getty Images

Meanwhile, Travis has seemingly been less worried about his physique.Mega/BackGrid

The revelation comes less than one month after Jason said he didn’t believe in extreme dieting.

“I look forward to getting skinny. But I’m gonna slim down … this last week I got down to like 285,” he said during a March episode of the brothers’ podcast.

“There’s different ways to do this. I personally don’t subscribe to doing extreme diets like going all the way vegan or all the way carnivore or keto. F–k no, I’m not doing that.”

The Kansas City Chiefs star flaunted his bod while on vacation with Taylor Swift.Mega/BackGrid

The couple have been spending a lot of time together since his third Super Bowl win in February.REUTERSWhat do you think? Post a comment.

Travis, for his part, also addressed his weight during the episode, after fans joked that he had a “dad bod” while on vacation with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

“It’s March!” the athlete quipped, suggesting that he’s been more lenient with his diet and exercise routine after winning his third Super Bowl in March.

The tight end has certainly been making the most of the off-season, jetting to Australia, Singapore and the Bahamas with his pop star girlfriend.

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