Following Jason Kelce’s ‘Blast’ at Autism Run, Kylie Kelce Matches Retired Legend’s Commitment as She Joins Philadelphia Eagles’ Noble Cause

The Eagles Autism Challenge is back this year and it’s going to be held at the Lincoln Financial Field. The event is dedicated to raising funds for researchers and doctors to have more understanding of the disease and work to make the lives of those who suffer from autism better. This is the seventh annual initiative for the same from the Eagles’ side, and Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie Kelce continue to be a huge part of it despite the center’s exit from the team.

In the wake of this mega event, the wife of the retired Eagle spoke to Rhett Lewis of the NFL Network and gave insights on what’s about to happen on May 18, 2024. It might not be far-fetched to assume that the event will be heavy on friendly competition but light on any sort of boredom.

Kylie Kelce speaks up on giving back to the people!


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The broadcaster asked Kylie to speak further on what was about to happen at the “premier event” and she laid down the whole plan. More importantly, the 31-year-old was sure the people were going to have a blast just walking, running, and bike riding. The event doesn’t have any restrictions and everyone can participate, even in a limited capacity.


“It is a walk, run, bike ride. You can either bike 10 or 30 miles, you can run or walk in our 5k, or if you are a neurodiverse individual or a family with a neurodiverse individual, you can join our sensory walk. It is an amazing time,” revealed Kylie. She also assured people of the good intentions behind the process, “Every single dollar raised from any of our participants goes directly back into autism researcher programs. It is, it’s a great time had by all, I can promise you that.”

To gain more perspective into the significance of this event, the organization has raised $30 million in 7 editions of the event, as confirmed by Ryan Hammond in the interview. About 5k people registered and more than 30k people donated for the good cause. Per Executive Director Hammond, these are record-breaking numbers as far as participation is concerned.

The organization raised about $8 million this year, as disclosed by Hammond further in the conversation. With the initiative behind the cause, it only makes sense for Jason Kelce to make his own contribution and appearance known at the event.

Good times ahead and good intentions behind Jason Kelce’s contributions!


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Last year, the event happened in New Jersey and the Eagles center participated in a 5k run/walk. While the media held him in high regard, he brought out his modest, funny human side and said that running 5k was an exaggeration. Regardless, Kelce appeared to have had a blast at the challenge.



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‘Ran’ ” is a generous verb for what occurred,” said the 7x Pro Bowler and added, “But we had a blast,” on X. But what Kylie Kelce helped in doing last year stole the highlights and just shows how invested she really is in the cause. She modeled in a Kelly green Eagles varsity jacket in June last year. The jacket was auctioned and ended up selling for $100,000 and it all went to the Eagles Autism Foundation.

These actions just give more and more reasons why people love Jason Kelce and his wife, especially with the continued dedication they have for reverting back goodness for others.

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