FIRST THING FIRST | “Chiefs gonna crash Ravens” – Nick Wright previews Ravens-Chiefs Week 1 matchup

Welcome back to the show. Opening night is set: Ravens at Chiefs on September 5th, a mere 115 days away. Last year, we collectively, as Chiefs fans, had to endure a loss to the Lions, with some blame thrown at their kicker.

Now, are we happy with Baltimore as the week one opponent?

Well, first off, classic miss by me; I was instantly wrong about who the Chiefs’ first opponent would be.

While my co-hosts correctly predicted Baltimore as the likely option, I was skeptical, thinking it almost impossible for the NFL to pit Baltimore against Kansas City in the opening game. Nevertheless, here we are, and I’m thrilled about it. But if I were with the Ravens, I’d be livid.

There are a couple of reasons why. First, there’s the indignity of watching the Chiefs hang their banner, the one you thought you were going to fly, in their stadium. That’s not great for morale. Second, what’s the Ravens’ offensive game plan going to be? They’ve got a new, young defensive coordinator making his debut, and whatever they decide, it’s going to be under scrutiny all season.

But it’s not just about the game plan; it’s about the mental aspect. The Ravens need to show they can compete head-to-head with the Chiefs, especially Lamar Jackson. Lamar’s head-to-head record against Mahomes isn’t great, and that could weigh heavily on him if they don’t perform well.

In terms of MVP odds, Lamar’s under a lot of pressure this year. He’s one of only 11 players to win multiple MVPs, and all the others won championships. He’s the only one who hasn’t, and until he does, the pressure will only continue to mount.

Every year, Lamar’s playoff performance has been a disappointment compared to his regular-season dominance. That inconsistency, coupled with the Ravens’ struggles in the postseason, only adds to the pressure on him.

So, yes, Lamar is under immense pressure this year. It’s as much pressure as possible, and until he breaks through in the playoffs, it’s only going to increase.

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