Could Sumo Wrestlers make it as offensive linemen in the NFL? Jason and Travis debate

Micah Parsons is really making waves on his trip to Tokyo, especially with that video of him taking on a sumo wrestler.

It’s reminiscent of some iconic sumo wrestlers, like Takanoyama Shuntarō, who defied expectations with their technique and leverage. Micah definitely held his own, bouncing back after an initial loss.

The conversation even veered into the realm of imagining Micah as a sumo wrestler himself, considering his potential in the sport.

However, the consensus seemed to be that he’s better off sticking with football given the lucrative opportunities there.

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The discussion then delved into the crossover between sumo wrestling and other martial arts like judo and jiu-jitsu, with examples like Muhammad Ali incorporating such training into his regimen.

There was also speculation about the suitability of sumo wrestlers for American football positions, particularly along the offensive line, where certain skills might translate well.

Talk then shifted to former NFL players like Chris Jones and the intensity of grappling sports like jiu-jitsu.

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Finally, there was mention of Tomas, possibly a coach or trainer, who would challenge players with jiu-jitsu sessions, adding an extra dimension to their training. The conversation then took a humorous turn as they reminisced about personal experiences with wrestling and grappling sports, including encounters with less-than-pleasant odors in the heat of battle.

Despite the challenges and occasional discomfort, it seems like grappling sports, with their emphasis on technique, leverage, and athleticism, have left a lasting impression on those involved. Micah Parsons’ foray into sumo wrestling serves as a reminder of the diverse skill sets and experiences that athletes bring to their respective sports, and how these experiences can enrich their overall development.

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