Chiefs’ Travis Kelce reacts to ‘villaiп era’ comparisoп to Patriots dyпasty

Travis Kelce reacts to “villain era” Chiefs-Patriots comparison.


Chiefs' Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes as Darth Vader
The Kansas City Chiefs are on the verge of becoming a true dynasty in the NFL. Another Super Bowl will certainly put them in the conversation. With that said, Patrick Mahomes has already claimed he’s embracing the “villain role” ahead of the championship matchup. Now, Travis Kelce opens up about his team being compared to the New England Patriots dynasty.

On the New Heights Podcast presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, the Kelce brothers were discussing NFL dynasties. The Chiefs’ tight end was asked about whether his team is getting the “Patriots syndrome” ahead of Super Bowl 58. Travis Kelce was rather melancholy about the whole thing.



The Chiefs have played in the AFC Conference Championship every year since Patrick Mahomes became the starting quarterback six years ago. During this stretch, Kansas City has already won two Super Bowls and could potentially win their fourth on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. So, it make sense why Travis Kelce doesn’t mind the idea of entering his “villain era.”


That’s what tends to happen to sports teams when they win too much. Time and time again we’ve seen it throughout history. The New England Patriots, Golden State Warriors, New York Yankees, and Chicago Bulls are just several sports franchises who have been villainized during their prime years.



With that said, winning is nothing new for the Chiefs. Although Travis Kelce is up there in age for a pro athlete, Kansas City likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with Patrick Mahomes leading the way.

The only thing that can take down a dynasty is the rest of the league. If anything, the other 31 teams in the NFL need to step up and take down the Chiefs. If not, well, we’re going to see this franchise play many more Super Bowls for years to come.

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