Cardi B’s “WAP” just made history being inducted into the Spotify Billions Club, as she reflected on the controversial song making ‘soccer moms cry’


In a remarkable milestone, Cardi B’s controversial hit “WAP” has officially been inducted into the Spotify Billions Club, signifying its massive streaming success across the globe. The song, featuring Megan Thee Stallion, has stirred up substantial public and media discourse since its release, due to its explicit lyrics and bold portrayal of female sexuality.

Reflecting on the song’s broad reach and the reactions it elicited, Cardi B shared her astonishment at how “WAP” managed to transcend the music industry and spark political debates. “Maybe because we’re more mainstream now, the song reached more conservative people over the internet. I guess it made some soccer moms cry,” the rapper commented. This response highlights the cultural clash between contemporary music’s evolving norms and more traditional values held by some segments of society.


Cardi B also expressed her surprise at the politicization of her music, especially considering the history of explicit lyrics in songs by female artists. “I cannot believe the song became so political. I am very used to hearing explicit lyrics from women. Growing up I listened to Trina, Khia, Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown. Their lyrics were more explicit than mine!” she noted, acknowledging her musical influences who have similarly pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable in mainstream music.

The induction of “WAP” into the Spotify Billions Club not only marks a significant achievement in Cardi B’s career but also signifies a shift in cultural dynamics, where music once considered niche or underground is now at the forefront of global entertainment and discussion. Despite the controversy, the success of “WAP” underscores a growing acceptance and appreciation of diverse artistic expressions and the important role they play in shaping cultural conversations around feminism, sexuality, and freedom of expression.

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