As she provocatively gyrates on her hubby, Cardi B flashes her thong in a double split leopard print skirt after a birthday celebration





She never hesitates to dress in quite striking ways.

And on Thursday night in Los Angeles, Cardi B celebrated her 26th birthday in style by getting down on her husband Offset during their extremely crazy night out.

The naughty singer showed off her thong in her double split leopard print skirt while sexily gyrating on her hubby, sticking her tongue out.



Cardi’s long legs, which she flaunted in her golden heels, were clearly visible to observers thanks to the dramatic split that left little room for interpretation.

Her right thigh displayed an intricate tattoo that was barely concealed by the animal print number that was cut to her waist.



The golden metallic belt, which kept the tiny skirt in place while Cardi grooved, accented her slender waist.

The redhead went all out for her birthday, matching her crazy outfit with an odd headgear that included a leopard print veil.

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